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Anata - The Infernal Depths Of Hatred (8,5/10) - Sweden - 1998

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Season Of Mist
Playing time: 42:14
Band homepage: Anata


  1. Released When You Are Dead
  2. Let The Heavens Hate
  3. Under Azure Skies
  4. Vast Lands/Infernal Gates
  5. Slain Upon His Altar
  6. Those Who Lick The Wounds Of Christ
  7. Dethrone The Hypocrites
  8. Aim Not At The Kingdom High
Anata - The Infernal Depths Of Hatred
When all else in the extreme Metal world has been said and done, when every band is simply a MORBID ANGEL or INTERNAL BLEEDING jr., when the slew of Gothenburg clones seems never ending, here comes ANATA with one of the finest Death Metal albums in recent history. Sadly, "The Infernal Depths Of Hatred" will be overlooked by most Metalheads, but hopefully someone will stumble across this review and give them a spin.

ANATA play a style that is undeniably Death Metal in nature, but completely unlike any other band's style and thoroughly unique. They use melody, but avoid clichéd IN FLAMES harmonies, opting for beautiful yet crushing twin guitar leads that are as catchy as they are complex. Ah, yes, another factor in ANATA's sound: they write memorable riffs. Despite being more brutal than a truck full of foetuses colliding with a giant razorblade, ANATA's songs stick to you. There is no filler... each track holds it's own.

The vocals are growled and there are no pitiful attempts at clean singing. Another awesome trait is the basswork... simply stunning bass interludes that are hypnotically melodic. Instead of following the guitars, ANATA's bassist strays into his own territory while still complimenting the music.

I could go on like this for a few pages worth of text, but hey, don't believe me... check this incredible band out for yourself. (Online February 14, 2003)


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