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Skeletonwitch - Forever Abomination (9/10) - USA - 2011

Genre: Thrash Metal / Black Metal
Label: Prosthetic Records
Playing time: 32:02
Band homepage: Skeletonwitch


  1. This Horrifying Force (The Desire To Kill)
  2. Reduced To The Failure Of Prayer
  3. Of Ash And Torment
  4. Choke Beyond Betrayal
  5. Erased And Forgotten
  6. The Infernal Resurrection
  7. Rejoice In Misery
  8. Cleaver Of Souls
  9. Shredding Sacred Flesh
  10. Sink Beneath Insanity
  11. My Skin Of Deceit
Skeletonwitch - Forever Abomination

With so many of the new Thrash wave bands beginning to change up their sound and add new artistic ventures to recently released albums, its nice to know that SKELETONWITCH – our favorite Midwest Blackened Thrash Metal band here – is going to repeatedly give us the consistently impressive music they create. Rarely does the band dabble outside of the sound and I, for one, could care less if they did. They are just too damn good to screw it up. Case and point: “Forever Abomination”.


The ever-growing horde of fans (both of the band and Thrash as it would seem) understands that SKELETONWITCH does not fuck around with their combination of old and new school Metal. Blending the melodic licks of classic NWOBHM bands like ANGEL WITCH or IRON MAIDEN in their guitars with 80s style Blackened Thrash riffs and frantically paced drum work, these Ohio based Metallers are bringing it with a vengeance on this third full length. They override all this with fast punchy tracks and a Black Metal inspired harsh rasping/screaming vocal delivery that obviously hints towards a more modern combination of style. The duel sound is a furiously packed one-two knock out that only SKELETONWITCH can pull off in such catchy ways.


For those looking for diversity, “Forever Abomination” rarely deviates from the formula. Some acoustic sections appear in the opening track “This Horrifying Force” and “Cleaver Of Souls” certainly comes as close to mid-tempo as the band will ever get in its bass heavy rhythm and melodic second half. Beyond this though, its 100 miles per hour, riffs, rasps, melodic flare, and drum fills galore.


SKELETONWITCH may not be the most artistically dramatic band in the scene today, but their ‘stick to the guns’ attitude is only heightened by how well they perform the style. “Forever Abomination” is not better than any before it perhaps, but its not any worse. Doesn’t make the release any less amazing.


Songs to check out: “This Horrifying Force (The Desire To Kill)”, “Erased And Forgotten”, “Of Ash And Torment”.

(Online December 3, 2011)

Matt Reifschneider

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