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The Roadkills - Ni Xing (7,5/10) - Sweden - 2011

Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: A Tale Untold
Playing time: 15:13
Band homepage: The Roadkills


  1. Tell Me
  2. A New Low
  3. U.B.R.
  4. All Of Me
  5. Tell Me (Industrial Remix)
The Roadkills - Ni Xing

Do you miss SOUNDGARDEN? How about STONE TEMPLE PILOTS? Then you should definitely look into international Rockers THE ROADKILLS. Don’t let their Punk influenced name deceive you, their EP “Ni Xing” is a stark reminder of the Alternative Rock that smothered the airwaves and music stores in the 90s.


With their down-tuned guitars, simplistic Rock N Roll vibes, Alternative style crooning vocals heavily layered and all, and low key energy that occasionally spikes with the swagger of drumming like on “U.B.R.”, THE ROADKILLS are not ashamed to embrace this 90s sound in all of its glory. The brief four songs (and one remix) on this release are dedicated to this ideology in all aspects.


The production is respectfully dirty in its mix and the sound focusing on the vocals as the key part of the band makes them fully able to cover the full spectrum of 90s Alt Rock. The Funk inspired bass driven “All Of Me” pulls a bit of the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS sound while the faster pace of “U.B.R.” brings to mind some of the Punky roots of NIRVANA. The rest of the sound is heavily founded to the two bands previously mentioned with the simplistic guitar melodies and riffs and those crooning vocal parts. From beginning to end, “Ni Xing” homages the now historical style to perfection.


Needless to say, if any of the above-mentioned acts perk your interest, then “Ni Xing” is an EP worth checking out. It’s hard to say that the band will make it far in this day and age playing this sound (had it been released in 1993 you would have heard of them already), but their commitment to the concept is respectable even if it is far from original.


Songs to check out: “Tell Me”, “U.B.R.”.

(Online December 11, 2011)

Matt Reifschneider

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