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Bloodred Fullmoon - Winter Solstice (8/10) - Taiwan - 2011

Genre: Death Metal / Melodic Metal
Label: Clean Slate Records
Playing time: 23:40
Band homepage: Bloodred Fullmoon


  1. Too Late For Heaven
  2. My Ghost
  3. Inevitable Death
  4. The Waters
  5. In Search For Better Days
Bloodred Fullmoon - Winter Solstice

One of the most frustrating aspects when reviewing independent music is how much a production can affect a band’s musical output. Take BLOODRED FULLMOON’s EP “Winter Solstice” for a prime example. Here we have a one-man band (which is immensely commendable in itself considering he’s 16) that plays a very complex style of Melodic Death/Thrash and its rough-edged production hinders the entire experience. It’s very frustrating.


Putting the rough production aside though, “Winter Solstice” is an impressive debut. The guitars flurry all over the place throwing in everything they can. Death Metal-style riffing. Progressive noodling. Thrash energy. It’s like being in a hailstorm of guitars that pelt the listener with melodies and riffs from everywhere…and its damn enjoyable.


This is structured under a basic bass and drum performance that ably keeps up energy with blasting double bass work and foundational rhythms that balance out the melodic touches. There is even a bit of modern stop-n-go structures at times like on “The Waters” that blends with the guitar work nicely. Then, to top it all off, there is a fairly strong guttural vocal performance of screaming roars that takes it to those Death Metal influences strongly.


“Winter Solstice” was a massively pleasant surprise of impressive performances and strong writing. If only the production properly handedly what BLOODRED FULLMOON is able to accomplish with their playing and writing, this would be one of the biggest surprise releases of the year. As is though, this is an impressive EP and one that has sold a new fan in this reviewer.


Songs to check out: “Too Late For Heaven”, “The Waters”.

(Online January 2, 2012)

Matt Reifschneider

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