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Symphorce - Sinctuary (9/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 59:22
Band homepage: Symphorce


  1. Eye Of Horus
  2. Holy Sin
  3. Until The Last
  4. Blackened Skies
  5. Burning Star
  6. Insight
  7. Reveal The Secrets
  8. Soulfly
  9. Nice Dreams
  10. Resting Places
  11. Freedom
  12. Gone Too Far
Symphorce - Sinctuary
So here it is, the second SYMPHORCE-album, and the band consequently continues where "Truth To Promises" had let up. With his engagement with Power Metallers BRAINSTORM, vocalist Andy Franck also seems to have found a new liking on rougher sequences, because SYMPHORCE's second effort is a good bit heavier than before.

Already the opening "Eye Of Horus" is thundering by, swift rhythm, quite aggressive guitars... and then a super-catchy-chorus, setting the perfect counter-point.

Following this they offer a good mixture between mid-paced songs ("Until The Last", "Blackened Skies", speedy crackers ("Reveal The Secrets", "Nice Dreams") and also balladesque stuff ("Resting Places"). What all the songs have in common are the very accessible choruses, which seem to develop into a SYMPHORCE-trademark.

But apart from the opener, there are two more absolutely out-standing tracks, the godlike half-ballad "Soulfly" and the rather slow-paced, but mega-catchy "Freedom". Take those three tracks together and you get a) a very good impression of what SYMPHORCE are about and b) of Andy Franck's impressive variety.

A strong album of a strong band!

Alexander Melzer

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