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79 tablatures for Anathema

Anathema - Deep (6/10) - Great Britain - 1999

Genre: Atmospheric Rock / Progressive Metal
Label: Music For Nations
Playing time: 10:50
Band homepage: Anathema


  1. Deep
  2. Emotional Winter
Anathema - Deep

This is more or less; a taste of the real thing (that is, the "Judgement" album.) This takes two songs (although the best of the best is still left on the album) that more or less describe what the album is about. I like these choices, but the best song on "Judgement" would still have to be the tear-jerking "One Last Goodbye" (which stands as being one of the most beautiful songs I've ever listened to in my entire life.)

If you can buy the actual album, it's better to go that route. "Judgement" is a beautiful masterpiece, and to date; the band's greatest and most majestic work. This is but a taste of grandeur.

(Online May 28, 2012)

Conor Fynes

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