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Disturbed - The Lost Children (7,5/10) - USA - 2011

Genre: Nu-Metal / Heavy Metal
Label: Reprise Records
Playing time: 60:50
Band homepage: Disturbed


  1. Hell
  2. A Welcome Burden
  3. This Moment
  4. Old Friend
  5. Monster
  6. Run
  7. Leave It Alone
  8. Two Worlds
  9. God Of The Mind
  10. Sickened
  11. Mine
  12. Parasite
  13. Dehumanized
  14. 3
  15. Midlife Crisis (FAITH NO MORE Cover)
  16. Living After Midnight (JUDAS PRIEST Cover)
Disturbed - The Lost Children

DISTURBED shocked their fans and the Hard Rock world by announcing their “indefinite” hiatus after the release of perhaps one of their best albums yet (“Asylum”) and the massive touring schedule that followed it. Thusly as a rather fitting note, the band releases a collection of rarities and B-sides from their career in “The Lost Children”. One that leaves a bittersweet taste with how good some of the tracks included are.


“The Lost Children” is your basic ‘rarity collection’ compilation. It includes a plethora of tracks from across their musical career (from B-sides on “The Sickness” through Japanese bonus tracks on “Asylum”) of varying quality. It’s mixed in its track listing so that often enough if you aren’t very familiar with the separate sounds of each album than you don’t know where each track comes from. Which can be frustrating at times.


Musically, expect the same material that DISTURBED has been pumping out through the years. Riff centered grooves, basic if not effective drumming, occasionally fun bass licks, and David Draiman’s crooning vocals with those barking touches of harshness. At times the Industrial aspects rear their head on the synth intro to “Hell” or the tracks from “The Sickness” era like “God Of The Mind” or “A Welcome Burden” which do change up the pace while newer songs from the past few albums do utilize that well founded soloing and increased guitar chemistry as seen in “This Moment” or “Monster”.


The quality of tracks is hit or miss with some songs strong enough you wonder why they didn’t make the album cut like the insanely catchy “Old Friend” with its great chorus or the radio friendly “Leave It Alone” and others that simply fade from memory quickly like “Run” or “Two Worlds”. It is a compilation of B-sides and rarities, so it’s mostly for die hard fans anyway and not those that are overly picky.


“The Lost Children” is a nice little gift for fans to ease over distress from the announced hiatus – although why they didn’t wait for a bit to tide fans over until the eventual “reunion” that will happen once they realize they can’t make money outside of DISTURBED is beyond me – and it is a solid package for fans. It’s hit or miss with song quality, but that’s expected from a B-side and rarity collection. Fans will still love it.


Songs to check out: “Old Friend”, “Hell”, “This Moment”.

(Online January 24, 2012)

Matt Reifschneider

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