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Old Man's Child - In Defiance Of Existence (8,5/10) - Norway - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 39:46
Band homepage: Old Man's Child


  1. Felonies Of The Christian Art
  2. Agony Of Fallen Grace
  3. Black Seeds On Virgin Soil
  4. In Defiance Of Existence
  5. Sacrifice Of Vengeance
  6. The Soul Receiver
  7. In Quest Of Enigmatic Dreams
  8. The Underworld Domains
  9. Life Deprived
Old Man's Child - In Defiance Of Existence
Galder has found time once again to release his next blasphemous CD. The guitarist for DIMMU BORGIR got Jardar to do the guitar work once again and looked to his partner in crime Nick Barker also in DIMMU to supply drum work. Fans should not be disappointed here. This release is just as evil and after one listen, you should be condemned to hell for owning it or even just hearing one track.

As opposed to DIMMU, there are no string arrangements with an orchestra or anything of the like. It's basic Black/Death Metal 101 with some keyboards that only enhance the evil sound. The keys taking nothing away from Galder's work. It just enhances the soundtrack to hell. "Felonies Of The Christian Art" will have everyone singing this nice little number at church. Nick Barker just goes ape shit like he always does and does plenty of damage to the speakers.

"Black Seeds On Virgin Soil" shows a complicated side of Nick as if you can't tell already and the other two, Galder and Jardar, just shred away with much intensity to the point of crippling. The musicianship here is nothing short of top notch and it's actually a sigh of relief to hear something that is not DIMMU related. Galder knows how to separate the two.

Once this CD is finished, the grim reaper should be near you waiting to take you hand and walk into the sunset that will lead you to the abyss. You have been warned! (Online March 5, 2003)

Joe Florez

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