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Aborted - Global Flatline (7,5/10) - Belgium - 2012

Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 51:17
Band homepage: Aborted


  1. Omega Mortis
  2. Global Flatline
  3. The Origin of Disease
  4. Coronary Reconstruction
  5. Fecal Forgery
  6. Of Scabs and Boils
  7. Vermicular, Obscene, Obese
  8. Expurgation Euphoria
  9. From a Tepid Whiff
  10. The Kallinger Theory
  11. Our Father, Who Art of Feces
  12. Grime
  13. Endstille
  14. Eructations of Carnal Artistry
  15. Nailed Through Her Cunt
Aborted - Global Flatline

Not far removed from Philadelphia’s Charlie Day, Belgium’s ABORTED simply didn’t take. Yep, that means they survived. Be it coat hanger or an I Stand Alone belly-bashing, these Belgium bastards have taken this damned life by the gonads and are back with a battering new album in 2012 entitled, “Global Flatline,” your front row ticket to an inhospitably heavy, full-seed-ahead impregnation of groove-soaked Death Metal that blends brutality with an impressively melodic approach.  


For this, ABORTED’s seven full-length, “Global Flatline” introduces an almost entirely new band. Lead vocalist and founding member Sven ‘Svencho’ de Caluwé is the lone returning member, but he’s surrounded himself with a slew of Extreme Metal stalwarts in former ABIGAIL WILLIAMS drummer and guitarist Ken Bedene and Michael Wilson, and bassist JB van de Wal, who also storms Stoner-style with HERDER. Guitarist Eran Segal is only slightly new as he helped ABORTED with the 2010 EP, “Coronary Reconstruction,” of which three of its tracks – “Coronary Reconstruction,” “From a Tepid Whiff,” and “Grime” – were included on this 2012 release. Add an awesome lineup of guest vocals from the likes of Jason Netherton (MISERY INDEX), Keijo Niinimaa (ROTTEN SOUND), Trevor Strnad (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER), and Julien Truchan (BENIGHTED), and well, you have the makings of what should be a pretty gnarly album.


A steady mix of technical brutality (“From a Tepid Whiff” among many others) and cesspool churning slowness (“Endstille”), “Global Flatline” offers vomitus mouthfuls of energetic Death Metal with plenty of cool solos, manic drumming, and some splendidly spiteful vocal work by Svencho whose varied roaring and comprehensible screaming blends brutal with something not far removed from Gothenburg. Hell, a catchy song like “Od Scabs and Boils” sounds straight outta that district. Unsurprisingly, there’s also a healthy amount of blasting Grind that’s spliced together with the typical Death staples, something not unique to the ABORTED sound, but likewise, “Global Flatline” and its amazing production and knack for creating well-rounded and consistently entertaining songs may elevate this effort into the forefront of the band’s discography.


The key word has to be consistency. The album rarely slows its momentum thanks to a full slate of dynamic and intense tracks that just rip through your speakers. There are simply no weak songs on the album. A few may pale in comparison to the strengths of others – longer songs like “Coronary Reconstruction” and the oldie but goodie “Nailed Through Her Cunt” work best – but “Global Flatline” offers very little respite and no goddamn quarter. As even and enjoyable a Death Metal album your apt to hear in early 2012.

(Online January 28, 2012)

Evan Mugford

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