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Uncledog, The - Face On The Floor (8,5/10) - Italy - 2011

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 21:55
Band homepage: Uncledog, The


  1. Take It
  2. Maddalena
  3. Face On The Floor
  4. Losing Control
  5. Ultraviolet
Uncledog, The - Face On The Floor

Even though Padua’s THE UNCLEDOG formed as recently as 2008, these guys have gotten an astounding amount of work accomplished in a remarkably short amount of time. After recording three demos in as many years, the band decided the time was right to release a fully polished EP in 2011, despite still remaining an unsigned act. They flew down to California to record “Face On The Floor” with Sylvia Massy, who’s worked with AEROSMITH, TOOL, and several other giants of the Rock/Metal music scene. They shot a rather slick video for the EP’s title track, “Face On The Floor.” In August 2011, they even embarked on a full-fledged European tour in support of the “Face On The Floor” EP. This appears to be a wise decision indeed; the EP is really good, and it should be heard by as many Hard Rock fans as possible.


THE UNCLEDOG describe themselves as a mix of classic AEROSMITH and VELVET REVOLVER, although such a definition needs a little bit of clarification. The AEROSMITH influence is clearly present in the band’s sense of melody as well as the lead guitar work of Mauro Carrara, but the overall sound is distinctly modern. Conversely, though the riffs are reminiscent of Slash’s crunchy work in VELVET REVOLVER, THE UNCLEDOG lacks much of the attitude of Slash’s band, instead focusing on a sound that’s a little smoother overall.


“Take It” and “Ultraviolet” are well-produced pieces of Hard Rock, and though their particular style is somewhat less angsty than today’s Top 40, the songs would be a welcome addition to any Hard Rock radio station’s rotation. “Losing Control” in particular is a rather whimsical piece, with its horns evoking the groove of EXTREME’s “Get The Funk Out.” Despite the band’s focus on Hard Rock, the EP also includes a neat little song titled “Maddalena,” which is a bouncy classic Punk track that hearkens back to the days of THE RAMONES and THE CLASH.


THE UNCLEDOG’s “Face On The Floor” EP is an excellent introduction to the band, and one that will hopefully be followed by a killer full-length album. The five tracks presented here are just diverse enough to prevent monotony from sinking in, but they still have a very unified sound. For the first professional release from an unsigned band, “Face On The Floor” bears a remarkable slickness in its production, and the band members themselves appear to have an unparalleled work ethic. The future of THE UNCLEDOG looks bright indeed.

(Online February 16, 2012)

Mitchel Betsch

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