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Vektor - Outer Isolation (9,5/10) - USA - 2011

Genre: Progressive Thrash Metal
Label: Heavy Artillery
Playing time: 51:43
Band homepage: Vektor


  1. Cosmic Cortex
  2. Echoless Chamber
  3. Dying World
  4. Tetrastructural Minds
  5. Venus Project
  6. Dark Creations, Dead Creators
  7. Fast Paced Society
  8. Outer Isolation
Vektor - Outer Isolation

VEKTOR blew out of the gate on their album “Black Future” taking the already redundant new wave of Thrash Metal and spinning it on a Progressive curve. The American band did the proper thing and took some time with the follow up, “Outer Isolation” to craft an album that would continue where the previous release left off. It pays off in the end too.


Although the surprise of hearing what VEKTOR has to offer won’t grab one like “Black Future” did, their ability to make their music so layered and dense without losing the hooks still remains. It’s this odd combination of technicality, energy, and cohesiveness that makes “Outer Isolation” a blast to listen to for fans of most any Metal genre. VEKTOR is simply one of the most talented and fascinating bands in Metal today. “Outer Isolation” is proof of such.


This latest effort from the Arizona Metalheads takes no time to ease the listener in. “Cosmic Cortez” is an 10 minute epic that starts off with a slow atmospheric build before dive bombing into their Thrash toned madness. It’s a hell of a way to start an album. Don’t be afraid though by the extremity of Progressiveness that “Outer Isolation” starts with. VEKTOR can write some very catchy material too. “Echoless Chamber” and tracks like “Fast Paced Society” pull out some solid enough choruses (done with those high pitched and raspy vocals) to balance out the intensely layered rhythms that bombard the listener. Bass licks pop out of the constantly winding and technical guitar work while the drums whip from blasting beats to Punk like swing. Just listen to the overly awesome writing and performance on “Dying World” for that great combination.


VEKTOR is not an easy band to leap into and they certainly don’t make it that way with how “Outer Isolation” is structured with its Progressive lengths and intense Thrash chaotic chemistry. Let it unfold as an experience though and when all the details start to make themselves clear, one will find that this album is stunning from moment one until the last dying note.


Songs to check out: “Echoless Chamber”, “Dying World”, “Fast Paced Society”.

(Online February 14, 2012)

Matt Reifschneider

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