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Korn - The Path Of Totality (8/10) - USA - 2011

Genre: Nu-Metal / Industrial
Label: Roadrunner Records
Playing time: 44:30
Band homepage: Korn


  1. Chaos Lives In Everything (feat SKRILLEX)
  2. Kill Mercy Within (feat NOISIA)
  3. My Wall (feat EXICISION and DOWNLINK)
  4. Narcissistic Cannibal (feat SKRILLEX and KILL THE NOISE)
  5. Illuminati (feat EXICISION and DOWNLINK)
  6. Burn The Obedient (feat NOISIA)
  7. Sanctuary (feat DOWNLINK)
  8. Let’s Go (feat NOISIA)
  9. Get Up! (feat SKRILLEX)
  10. Way Too Far (feat 12TH PLANET)
  11. Bleeding Out (feat FEED ME)
  12. Fuels The Comedy [Bonus Track] (feat KILL THE NOISE)
  13. Tension [Bonus Track] (feat EXICISION, DATSIK, and DOWNLINK)
Korn - The Path Of Totality

KORN might have reverted back to their roots last time on “III”, but their latest album “The Path Of Totality” is definitely their most inventive and genre pushing release to date. Let’s be honest to ourselves though, I’m certainly not an expert on Dubstep and the most of you reading this are probably only aware of the dance like movement reaching North American shores. That’s why KORN’s “The Path Of Totality” is a rather new area to dabble in…and it sounds like they did a fantastic job.


Combining their Hard Rockin’ Nu Metallin’ talents with some of the biggest names in Dubstep makes “The Path Of Totality” more of a collaboration effort than a true KORN release. Although not all the names are familiar, there are some seriously big names involved (the one I recognized prior is SKRILLEX) and just that in itself makes this a must listen for fans of the long time Nu Metal act.


The blending of KORN’s patented bass slapping, off note guitar playing, and often Rap and Gothic influenced vocal work with the Industrial like dance beats of Dubstep is an ingenious idea. It works admirably well. The bass beats down with energetic ferocity as the drums and guitars almost seem melded with the dance beats (even the melodic touches of guitar on tracks like “My Wall” or the Punk like drumming on “Chaos Lives In Everything” seem to meld with the dance beats) while Davis’ croons and barks over it all with his now distinguished whiny lyrical content. It’s an odd Industrial tone in this combination that makes this album so very different from the rest of KORN’s catalog.


Even though “The Path Of Totality” might be their most daring album to date, it’s definitely the best record they have released in a decade. It takes the ideology, runs with it at full speed, and succeeds in giving us a glimpse at what KORN is capable of when they actually put effort into their writing rather than moving on autopilot. “The Path Of Totality” might turn off many of their older fans with dance beats and synth overtones, but for those looking for a refreshed and new KORN it’s just what the doctor ordered.


Songs to check out: “Chaos Lives In Everything”, “Burn The Obedient”, “Get Up!”.

(Online February 17, 2012)

Matt Reifschneider

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