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Invection - Facet Of Aberration (8/10) - USA - 2011

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: StormSpell Records
Playing time: 40:32
Band homepage: Invection


  1. Impulsive Violence
  2. Invection
  3. Derealization
  4. Formication
  5. Drug Justice
  6. Solace In Mediocrity
  7. Two Faced Lie
  8. As The Locust Starve
  9. Broken Silence
  10. Noetic Affliction
Invection - Facet Of Aberration

INVECTION was a Thrash band that continuously came up on boards and discussions from Thrashers around me. Getting their EPs proved to be a costly endeavor and thusly I decided to wait for their debut album for my first purchase. With “Facet Of Aberration” blaring through my speakers, I came to the realization that I was a fool. How could I have gone this long without diving in the Thrash world of INVECTION?


“Facet Of Aberration” won’t be winning any medals for bringing a new spin to the genre as it focuses down on delivering aggressive Punk-jacked Thrash Metal with vigor. With memorable riffs spewing from every track and a vocal delivery of harshly shouted violent themes, this debut forces a rather intense experience on its listener. Slamming drums lead with double bass flurries and bass licks dip into the limelight to keep the rhythm while fast paced riffing and spats of melody give the album a decidedly early EXODUS meets the German Thrash scene sort of feel. It’s aggressive, but never loses the catchiness.


The performances may produce some serious Thrash worship, but the writing can be a bit redundant for the record. INVECTION continually plays up on 11 with their fits of speed and density (which creates a nice cohesive sound for the record despite containing many rerecorded tracks from their previously released EPs), but it does leave the album feeling like a one trick pony at times. When the band does divvy up the sound a bit like on the rather mid tempo romper “Drug Justice” they seem to be at their most memorable.


It’s an impressive debut despite some redundancy of sound and when one gets into INVECTION’s groove it’s hard not to find oneself flowing with their aggressive Teutonic tones, Punk energy, and Bay Area melodic touches. Definitely a debut worth its merit for fans of the genre, but it may be one of those overlooked in the flood of bands.


Songs to check out: “Invection”, “Derealization”, “Solace In Mediocrity”.

(Online April 25, 2012)

Matt Reifschneider

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