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G.U. Medicine - Lords Of Oblivion (7/10) - Great Britain - 2010

Genre: Stoner Rock / Stoner Metal
Label: Undergroove Records
Playing time: 42:12
Band homepage: G.U. Medicine


  1. Pure Motorized Instinct
  2. Dirty Little Girl
  3. Shut Up (Take What’s Coming Your Way)
  4. Hanging Out With The Walking Dead
  5. Lords Of Oblivion
  6. Lighting Up The Skies
  7. Take Everything, Give Nothing Back
  8. Glass Eye
  9. Done Far Too Many
  10. Alcoholocaust
  11. The Hangman Has Been Hired
G.U. Medicine - Lords Of Oblivion

Simply down and dirty, G.U. MEDICINE play the filthiest Stoner music you can come across. It’s grimy, it’s rough, it’s in your face, and it’s a lot of fun! You’re not going to have a mind-blowing experience listening to “Lords Of Oblivion”, but you’ll get your head swaying and you might just sneak a quick air-guitar blast or two when no one is watching.  


What the lads from Yorkshire churn out is a hybrid of the Groove-laden records of MONSTER MAGNET and KYUSS but sped up by being blown through a MOTORHEAD filter. Don’t be confused by the band’s own description as being a “70’s band” or some such temporal claim. Nah, this is contemporary Rock, perhaps there’s the odd 30 year old riff influence, but those are masked by straight-ahead Stoner power chords and grooves. Another more modern aspect is that the vocals are of a punchy, serrated nature and give the songs much of their agitation, not a common feature of the 70’s Rock they may aspire to. One other clarification that should be noted is that the band or some of their press seems to indicate some sort of Satanic undertones or influence. While this may just be metaphoric confusion, don’t go looking to get your fill of Mephistophelean philosophy from “Lords Of Oblivion” – unlike GHOST it isn’t there. There is a devil-may-care attitude and lyrical content to the album but no true injection of darkness. The record is a ride through drinking, women, drinking, and having fun while doing it all – not exactly a push of Luciferian ideas.


Not being familiar with the band’s first couple of efforts, G.U. MEDICINE are in a way ear candy, and I mean that in a positive and not derogatory way. As the infectious riffs of the eponymous track or “Dirty Little Girl” wash over you, there’s no real aural or cerebral challenge, you just get into the grubby sway of the songs. That’s a good thing – not every aspect of life is supposed to get your grey matter firing; sometimes you need to just get in the ‘groove’ so to speak and let yourself feel the music. As the album moves along it dips in and out of melodic but harsh tones, “Dirty Little Girl” & “Shut Up (Take What’s Coming)” and full on rock bluster like “Alcoholocaust”. There are passages of slightly more nuance that one would find with KYUSS such as on “Take Everything, Give Nothing Back”, but ultimately the album is a furrow of head-bobbing rhythms and gigantic riffs. While Stoner Rock/Metal isn’t my forte, I don’t mind throwing it on for a little while to relax and have a little light aural fun. “Lords Of Oblivion” fits in just right to allow me this venture of restful time.


(Online March 27, 2012)

Stephen Rafferty

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