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Fungus Inc - Gettin' Drunk and Spreadin' Spunk (8/10) - Belgium - 2012

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Rotten To The Core
Playing time: 33:42
Band homepage: Fungus Inc


  1. Gaybar
  2.  Whiskey Dick
  3.  2 in the Pink, 1 in the Stink
  4.  I Just Want a Blowjob
  5.  Stinky Dink
  6.  Crazy Dave
  7.  We Will Fuck
  8.  Sitting in My Rocking Chair
  9.  Tagteam of Perfection
  10.  Storybook Orgy
Fungus Inc - Gettin' Drunk and Spreadin' Spunk

With an album named "Gettin’ Drunk and Spreadin’ Spunk" I immediately thought of Edward Lee's Big Head. Although FUNGUS INC’s 2012 release has nothing to do with it, I doubt that Lee would disagree that many of his characters would not only appreciate the tunes, but likewise the perverse and goofy lyrics. The mindless stupidity of their lyrics might not appeal to everyone, but if your aim is to click off that brain and just enjoy some grooving catchy jams, then FUNGUS INC might be just what yous a been lookin' for.


Get the biggest lift kit for your truck and trek off the beaten path with this album in your cd player, a true redneck easy listener. With gruff vocals and strumming tones these Limburg lads rip up the roads with style. With tracks no longer than five minutes, FUNGUS INC constantly alternate rhythm which, unlike their style, glide without the fecal and gore grooves. The penetrating “Whiskey Dick” is one of the best tracks of the album with pitch and beat changes that chug.


Never dull or forgettable, but with the need for a bit more variation, FUNGUS INC’s "Gettin’ Drunk and Spreadin’ Spunk" is great for the thoughtless cruising, road-kill oozing, off-roading thrills of Rockabilly Death Metal.

(Online March 23, 2012)

Montana Pessin

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