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Zimmers Hole - Bound By Fire (6,5/10) - Canada - 2003

Genre: Metal
Label: Virusworx
Playing time: 46:19
Band homepage: Zimmers Hole


  1. Follow
  2. Blister
  3. Pork Rind Toes
  4. Two Headed Anal Baby
  5. P.B.C
  6. Hell Comes To Breakfast
  7. Fully Packed
  8. Rent A Cop
  9. Bred
  10. This Is Metal
  11. Dis
  12. Waste Of Towels
  13. Gospel Sodomy Boy On Blow
  14. Viddy
  15. Bound By Fire
  16. S-26
  17. Doooh!
  18. Prick Pipe
  19. The Dark Church Of Whatever
  20. Split Dick
  21. Buttbarf
  22. AC/GC
  23. Roast Chicken Monday
  24. Face Pisser
  25. Monkey Man
  26. What's That Stink?
Zimmers Hole - Bound By Fire
No, "Bound By Fire" is not really a new album of ZIMMERS HOLE, nor is it in any case a successor to "Legion Of Flames", released only a few months ago. You have in fact here the re-edition of their first album, that had been sold-out for a while, with no less than eight bonus tracks, all taken from various demos.

In this parallel project of Jed Simon and Byron Stroud (both playing in STRAPPING YOUNG LAD), a very stupid humour is reigning without contest, on a background of violent and varied Metal, with a huge sound a la SYL. So it's more or less funny, depending on what type of humour you have… That said, "Bound By Fire" is of better quality than "Legion Of Flames", very simply because it's funnier, really 100% stupid, and also because they are taking the piss out of everyone, including such big bands as AC/DC or MERCYFUL FATE. If Homer Simpson took a guitar and got a wig with long hair, I would bet he'd release something as intellectual as "Bound By Fire"… (Online February 26, 2003)

Thomas Bonnicel

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