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Over Dead In Over - Resolution Formula (7/10) - Italy - 2011

Genre: Death Metal / Modern Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 51:38
Band homepage: Over Dead In Over


  1. The Warm Tear Of Redemption
  2. Rise From Demise
  3. Perceiving Beyond
  4. 323
  5. Neglected By Heart
  6. The Ancient Side Of A Pure Mind
  7. Dead Salvation
  8. Grimed By Mercy
  9. Existence
Over Dead In Over - Resolution Formula

A band’s name can indicate what kind of genre they are or their focus as a band. CANNABIS CORPSE is humorous. Names with ‘Nuclear’ tend to be Thrash. OVER DEAD IN OVER sounded like some sort of Post Metal/Hardcore name and certainly put me into an odd mindset for the debut “Resolution Formula." Luckily, the Modern Thrash/Death combination that exploded from the album itself set the record straight.


Although at this time the combination of Modern stop-n-go riffing ala MESHUGGAH or FEAR FACTORY along with the blending of Thrash and Death isn’t new in the end with bands like MNEMIC and THREAT SIGNAL throwing down some seriously solid albums, but the music contained on “Resolution Formula” is particularly intense. Less of the mathematical buoyancy and rapid shifts of tempo, this album tends to use the Modern techniques as a means to their Thrashy Death end rather than a focal point. Of course the opener “The Warm Tear Of Redemption” with its stuttering riffs and the Industrialized atmosphere of “Existence” might claim otherwise, the majority of this album rests on the haunches of a more classic and brutal sound.


That sound being heavily constructed with lead heavy riffs, pummeling drum work, sternum shaking bass, and a guttural growling scream for vocals. The band certainly struts their Death Metal roots here splashing it with some Thrash energy and derailing it all with the Modern techniques mentioned above. “Rise From Demise” and “Neglected By Heart” showcase this side at some of its best, but the entire album very much follows this style to a capitalized ‘T.'


“Resolution Formula” is a beastly album that certainly applies the heaviness and ferocity to the Modern Metal sound. It tends to run repetitive with its style and its lacking diversity making the album run long winded (even with the break mid-album), but fans of DAATH or early MESHUGGAH will latch onto it instantly.


Songs to check out: “The Warm Tear Of Redemption," “Rise From Demise," “Existence."


(Online May 15, 2012)

Matt Reifschneider

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