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Nexhymn - Black Horizon (7/10) - USA - 2012

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 22:49
Band homepage: Nexhymn


  1. Decaying Monument
  2. Undetermined Supplication
  3. Repacious Tempest
  4. Black Horizon
  5. Exquisite Plague
  6. Death Emotion
Nexhymn - Black Horizon

Formerly known as THROCULT, which disbanded in 2008, NEXHYMN is a heavier Death Metal output then its former self. Comprised of all new members - save for Ivan Aclara, former vocalist and guitarist of THROCULT - the band has recently debuted their first EP, "Black Horizon," and it is a monster.

While it pretty much sounds like the basic Death Metal bread and butter formula with the fast, chugging riffs and deep growls, one thing fans might find very surprising is that the group is led by a female vocalist, and it is very rare that women in Metal these days can growl so deeply like a guy can; the only other one that can really compare is LANDMINE MARATHON.

Tracks like "Undetermined Supplicant" will amaze fans into how well the growls can sound and how they can keep up with the ferocity of the guitars and drums. The only downside of this EP is that lots of the tracks tend to sound the same. "Exquisite Plague" has a bit more technicality to it with the stop n' go rhythm and a little more melody but at the core it basically sounds just like "Decaying Monument." Only the closing "Death Emotion" the slow, brooding instrumental is the only thing that will give those who are getting bored with the music a chance to hear something different, but it is a bit short and probably would have done better as an intro.

Basically, "Black Horizon" is a good introduction where listeners can be reintroduced to THROCULT'S new face and be adjusted to their sound. Those who love Death Metal are going to be amazed by this, but those who seek more technicality and variety within the work or want to hear something that isn't quite so generic may be disappointed with NEXHYMN'S shift. Thankfully, this EP is just a start and there is always hope for a more versatile full length album in the future.

(Online June 3, 2012)

Colin McNamara

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