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Klogr - Till You Decay (5/10) - Italy - 2012

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Zeta Factory
Playing time: 46:17
Band homepage: Klogr


  1. Live Dying
  2. Silk And Thorns
  3. White Eyes
  4. Bleeding
  5. Green Star
  6. Self Loathing
  7. Naked Mind
  8. You Gotta Know
  9. Value Of Sin
  10. Silted Memories
  11. Young Graves
Klogr - Till You Decay

Modern Hard Rock has to be one of the hardest genres to break down. New bands need to make a splash by differentiating themselves with unique aspects, but they can’t push too far outside of the realm of sellable radio friendly sounds otherwise labels and mainstream fans can’t easily consume it. It’s an equation that breeds with it mediocrity and KLOGR haphazardly falls prey to it on “Till You Decay”.


Although the band incorporates a slightly harder guitar tone than some of their more radio friend cohorts in modern Hard Rock, “Till You Decay” still boils down to the same kind of mindset: riff, hook, vocal line of clean crooning memorable chorus, repeat. The standard Rock drumming and bass work don’t add much to the equation either while the rest of the band seemingly glides through the album on autopilot for a majority of the tracks. Even the sporadic ballad type song seems to fit this formula.


Occasionally the band does venture from their formula on the Punk popped “Bleeding” or the crunchier riff of the album opener “Live Dying”. These deviations add a more apparent interest in getting the listener moving with the music rather than simply acknowledging the Rock N Roll head bob that most of the songs aspire to reach. Yet its hard not to feel a bit disconnected by the lack of boundary attacks that one would surely want to throw down to set this album aside from the flood of generic Hard Rock that suffocates the scene.


The chemistry is solid enough, the writing is perfectly applicable to the situation that KLOGR must endure, and the production is surprisingly effective when it comes to adding an edge and crunch to the music. Fans of THEORY OF A DEADMAN or SHINEDOWN might take a glance at some of the more memorable tracks from “Till You Decay”, but even those bands, generic album writing and all, tend to be slightly more memorable than what’s displayed here.


Songs to check out: “Bleeding”, “Self Loathing”, “Live Dying”.

(Online June 4, 2012)

Matt Reifschneider

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