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Amorphous - A Perfect Evil (7,5/10) - Poland - 2012

Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: Let It Bleed Records
Playing time: 37:45
Band homepage: Amorphous


  1. Psychosis
  2. Deception... Lie... Forgiveness
  3. Shred
  4. My Revenge
  5. Lonely Reality
  6. Escape
  7. The Abyss of Nothingness
  8. Discouraged
  9. Let’s Paint the Death
  10. Agony Part II


Amorphous - A Perfect Evil

By the look, er, sound, of things I can imagine these Poles’ rehearsal room being dominated by a massive poster that says “I just love the smell of NAPALM DEATH in the morning!”, since “A Perfect Evil” is essentially a full-on exercise in the grinding goodness cut wholly from the cloth of the aforementioned Grind legends’ sonic mayhem.

Is that a bad thing? Hell no! If you’re going to steal you might as well steal from the best, if you ask me. Don’t let the cover art fool you – it might bring to mind something a little more Crusty/Punky, but the actual music on here is strictly in the Grindcore/Death mould, much along the lines of what Barney Greenway and co. have been putting out since “Enemy Of The Music Business”. Not only do the vocals bear a rather striking resemblance to Greenway’s trademark bellowed roar, but the riffs also straddle that fine line between Grind, Death, and Groove that ensures that proceedings tick along at an economical rate. Riff-heavy grinders like “My Revenge” and “The Abyss Of Nothingness” are nicely offset by sporadic outbursts of thick grooves (see “”Agony Part II”), while a track like “Escape” lurches forward at a much slower pace, allowing the surprisingly melodic guitar solos to take center stage. This latter aspect is what sets these Poles apart from NAPALM DEATH, as almost every song features at least a couple of really melodic/harmonic solos that mesh quite effectively with the rumble of the riffs. 

No, originality wasn’t high up on the agenda here, but that’s a moot point. These guys clearly set out to churn out some kick-ass traditional Death/Grind, and they did it exceptionally well. The performances are tight, the riffs catchy, and the lead work quite beautiful at times (*gasp*), so I can’t really complain. If you love NAPALM DEATH or have fond memories of the vastly underrated (and long-forgotten) Lithuanian band GHOSTORM (who went for a similar sound back in the 90s), then you owe it to yourself to asquint yourself with Poland’s AMOSPHOUS, and the sooner the better!


(Online May 17, 2012)

Neil Pretorius

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