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Banished From Inferno - Minotaur (6/10) - Spain - 2011

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Inquisition Records
Playing time: 38:28
Band homepage: Banished From Inferno


  1. The Infernal Swamps (Alastor Feeding)
  2. Heading To The Sinister
  3. Purgatory Drains
  4. Praise The Rotten Dead
  5. Fall Eternal (The Lengian Chronicles – Chapter I)
  6. Minotaur
  7. Dead Incest (Rape Of Death)
  8. Twilight Grotesque (The Lengian Chronicles – Chapter II)
  9. Sorrows Of The Earth
Banished From Inferno - Minotaur

“I could see guts and gore dripping from my speakers when I mixed it.”


When such words are uttered by Swedish Metal icon Dan Swanø, one can´t help but be more attentive towards a Death Metal album that looks just like any other Death Metal album out there. Released back in October, “Minotaur” is the debut album from Madrid´s BANISHED FROM INFERNO, a putrid formation centered around guttural vortex Phlegeton, a vivid persona known for his uncompromising vocals in WORMED, this time bashing the drums, providing straightforward rhythms. Naturally, I kept my skepticism alive upon receiving the assigment, having reviewed their EP four years ago, which I deemed “tedious” and “immensely boring”.


Listening to the new album, and having revisited the old tracks just to be up to date, I´m still stuck with the same vibe of not really getting the big picture, if there is one, probably not, but then again, maybe. B.F.I. still pay tribute to pioneers of two extremes: Thrash and Death Metal in their most primal forms, ca. mid-to-late eighties, infusing punked up riffs, dirty, alcohol-fueled melodies and solos, and a steady midtempo beat delivered with a giant middle finger attitude. Sampling quotes from what I´m guessing are various horror films, the whole album projects a more eerie atmosphere all in all.


You´ll hear ENTOMBED (maybe even more NIHILIST), CELTIC FROST, VENOM, AUTOPSY, that kind of early Extreme Metal, with plenty of dark passages, and disturbing atmospheres, I´m liking some of it, but there´s nothing fantastic or even remotely new on the table here. Gone is Rogga Johansson, who handled the vocals on the EP, with new frontman Balc stepping in doing growls, which have a pretty cool “drunk in the graveyeard” quality to them, very... appropriate for these harsh tunes.


This is definitely a step up from the EP, the band shows more cohesion with a more serious take on things in general, they might even start to sound interesting on their next release. Still a pretty typical, although decent album. For fans of in your face, headbangable and raw Death Metal.

(Online June 16, 2012)

Frodi Stenberg

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