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Death Reality - Flesh Still Feeds (8,5/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Remission Records
Playing time: 36:37
Band homepage: Death Reality


  1. Among Cerebral Depths
  2. Flesh Still Feeds
  3. Witness Your Death
  4. Defiled Virginity
  5. A Colder Ejaculation
  6. Spawned Decay
  7. Procreation Of Sickness
  8. We Hate And So We Gather
  9. Massacre Masters
  10. Departed In Tragedy
Death Reality - Flesh Still Feeds
Man, what an attack! These Saxons call technical Death Metal their home and sound pretty American. Who can imagine a raw mixture of CANNIBAL CORPSE & CRYPTOPSY has found his band here. They blast and shred until the listener breaks, there are thousands of tempo-changes, breaks and perverse growl/shriek vocals, but never too complex, the red line always is there.

That's the way it has to be and thanks to the powerful production we do not lose any details! It has been recorded in the (to me) unknown Soundlodge Studio (, you should write down this address! Add to that the faible of the band to use bloody gore lyrics, which again puts the band closer to CANNIBAL CORPSE. As bonus (hidden track!) we even get an OBITUARY cover. They used the rather less known "Threatening Skies" and it thunders mightily!

If you think that DR are from Germany and average around 20 years of age, then you have to admit that they almost master the US Death better than most American bands themselves. Unfortunately the competition in this sub genre is huge and the current hammer albums of KATAKLYSM, MALEVOLENT CREATION, GOD DETHRONED or DIES IRAE already have a certain grade of notoriety. DR still have to work on that one, but a beginning has been made and "Flesh Still Feeds" is already the second album of this formation. I'm crossing my fingers! (Online March 1, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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