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Chaos Theory - Bio-Death (6/10) - Italy - 2012

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 30:31
Band homepage: Chaos Theory


  1. Faith
  2. Virus
  3. Dawn of Death
  4. Carnage
  5. Bio-Death
  6. Chokers
  7. Domination
  8. Xenotransplant
  9. Final Solution
  10. Spyral
Chaos Theory - Bio-Death

“Bio-Death” is the debut release from Italian Thrashers CHAOS THEORY. They deliver a fairly standard take on the genre, and anyone who has had so much as even a passing interest in the recent resurgence of the style will know exactly what to expect here.


I hate to seem unnecessarily hard on a new act, but when you’re playing a style with seemingly such little room for progression as Thrash Metal you really need to have your finger on the pulse. With legions of acts pedalling this style CHAOS THEORY are without a doubt going to struggle to keep afloat. With a standard shouting singer who is sadly about as faceless as they come, this is where the band stumble at one of the first hurdles. Whilst the vocals are hardly offensive, they are definitely bland. Sounding similar in places to Tom Araya, although lacking the crazy wails Tom nailed so well in his youth.


Fortunately the music played is well done, although applying to genre conventions 100% by the book. There’s no surprises to be heard on “Bio-Death”, and the production is clean as a whistle. The songs are decent and the guitars are the star of the show. There are some good riffs to be heard in numbers such as the bouncy “Domination” and the technically sautéed opener “Faith”. “Xenotransplant” cooks pretty well too, with some catchy riffs. Aside from these tracks the rest struggle to leave their mark. Whilst it tastes pretty good, there isn’t much of an aftertaste, and I probably wouldn’t sit down to CHAOS THEORY again. It’s like Strawberry Bubblegum, it tastes good at first, but after a while the taste fades away and you end up spitting it out.


If CHAOS THEORY want to play with the big boys, then they seriously need to inject some new ideas into their sound. As a standard Thrash Metal album this is good, but with tons of better albums in the style there isn’t much reason to pick this up. This is something I would say to all Thrash Metal bands; you want to look towards the likes of VEKTOR, and even the last BONDED BY BLOOD release for examples of what can be done with the genre this day in age, I’d particularly recommend BBB’s “Exiled to Earth” for the more standard style. Overall this release didn’t leave much of a lasting impression, it’s a reasonably good listen and the guitar work is well done, but there’s little in the way of excitement.

(Online July 14, 2012)

Chris Foley

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