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Ritual Steel - A Hell Of A Knight (7,5/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Miskatonic Foundation
Playing time: 43:36
Band homepage: Ritual Steel


  1. A Hell Of A Knight (Intro)
  2. Hell Brigade
  3. Where Shall I Sleep
  4. Armageddon Symphony
  5. Solar Maiden
  6. Master Rage
  7. No Escape
  8. Twon
  9. Ritual Steel
Ritual Steel - A Hell Of A Knight
Finally it's released after some time delays, the first album of RITUAL STEEL, the band around the legendary Sir Lord Doom, who fills every true Metal soldier again and again with enthusiasm with his reviews in every Hellion Records mail order magazine (although the reviews aren't describe the music there rather telling bloody Sword & Sorcery tales).

This pretty heavy guy and his armed buddies lead us undeserving people into the battle for the crown and the ring. Even though the battle seems to be hopeless, the trendy army too huge and too mighty, he never gives up and cusses his destiny. No, even with the worst axe, the most rusty sword and the worst shield, we will watch laughing the death into its eye. As long as distant kingdoms with mighty warriors ala DOOMSWORD, SOLITAIRE or WITCHSMELLER PURSUIVANT support us, the evil will never triumphing. With the new hymns of RITUAL STEEL on our lips, we join all battles.

Okay, all jokes aside. I expected more than I got, concerning this CD. The album isn't bad, the band feels good between ANGUS, old OMEN, IRON MAIDEN, SORTILEGE, HAVOC and the mighty "eyes closed and let's go"-feeling of German Underground heroes ala IRON ANGEL or WARRANT. Songs like the pretty catchy, with pretty shout-choruses ennobled, "Hellbrigades", the rocking "Where Shall I Sleep", where the singer unleashes some screams as I would bawl old ACCEPT and MÖTLEY CRÜE classics in the Hardrock Cafe of Kaiserslautern to entertain the people there, respectively, as Wolf Hoffmann would hit Udo Dirkschneider's balls with his Flying V, "Armageddon Symphony", which weaves between LIVING DEATH's "Deep In Hell" and VETO's "Carthago", the mid/up-tempo banger "Master Rage" with its first-class chorus as well as the great riffs or take the hymn "Ritual Steel", which reminds me very much of DOOMSWORD, all that songs are great.

But I hoped for god given songs, MANILLA ROAD or CIRITH UNGOL created a lot of. Well, one can't get everything, maybe more next time. And as long as BLIND GUARDIAN and HELLOWEEN fans hate this one, the purchase of this CD is truly worthy. (Online March 15, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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