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Arckanum - Helvitismyrkr (9/10) - Sweden - 2011

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Season Of Mist
Playing time: 48:45
Band homepage: Arckanum


  1. Helvitt
  2. Myrkrin Vinna Hefnt
  3. r Djpum
  4. In Svarta
  5. Nifldreki
  6. Svartr ok ursligr
  7. rgelmis Hlaut
  8. Ssoltinn
  9. Outro


Arckanum - Helvitismyrkr

This is another solid release from this Swedish one-man army.  In arguably his most melodic and guitar-driven album yet, "Helvitismyrkr" continues ARCKANUM's already infallible catalogue of quality Black Metal releases.  This album is more akin to the "" album rather than the previous release, "Sviga Lae," except this contains a tad more melody and even the (very welcome) addition of lead guitar solos and less aggressive overall.  The guitars are still sharp and crisp, thanks to the excellent post-recording magic of Shamaatae.  There are some good heavy riffs that arent usually found the pre-P albums, especially on the third track, Or Djupum.  This song is the real standout for me because of the catchy beginning, melodic guitar solo, and it really sounds energetic.  The rest of the songs are also mid-paced with competent drums and vocals.


Contrary to what Ive written so far, Im not that impressed with this album - but not because its an unimpressive album, but because this is the quality Im accustomed to with any ARCKANUM release.  One tends to be more impressed with something if theyre not expecting it and that is definitely not the case with Helvitismyrkr.  I knew what I was going to get and Im not disappointed.


One pet-peeve however, is the useless six-minute outro. Its some sort of recording of Shamaatae washing corpsepaint in his bathroom sink.  Or not.  Is there some quota on minutes or something?!  WTF!  Or perhaps a prelude to the next album?  Other than that, theres nothing to nitpick about - just enjoy it loud.


(Online July 7, 2012)

Ryan Cariaso

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