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Eschaton - Isolated Intelligence (4/10) - Austria - 2012

Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 46:25
Band homepage: -


  1. Transcending Satanism
  2. Current Void
  3. Isolated Intelligence
  4. The Black Tunnel
  5. A Storm to Purify This World


Eschaton - Isolated Intelligence

Professional. Groundbreaking. Good. Only the antonyms of these words should be used to describe ESCHATON's "Isolated Intelligence." The album contains a mix of mostly Black Metal with a hint of old school Death Metal riffs, however, the overall blandness cannot be overcome. The vocals are more like screams rather than actual Black/Death vocals. First comparison that comes to mind is KREATOR's vocals. The guitar sound itself is not bad - just your average (generic) Black/Death Metal sound.

The one song that's not as boring as the rest is "Current Void." It's the one that makes me yawn the least. Even the clean vocals used sparingly throughout sounds unconvincing that this album can be taken seriously. I'm not really sure why it's sung that way but it just doesn't fit. "The Black Tunnel" is a 15-minute instrumental that contains guitars that even a beginner could play. Seven minutes or so into it, they'll play some cheesy "lead guitar solo" (used loosely - hence the quotations) that's straight out of a beginner's lesson notes.

At first listen, it didn't seem that bad, but right away I could tell this probably wasn't going to get any better even if I listened to it a hundred more times. In fact, it sounds even more boring and insipid the longer I listen.

This album is wrought with amateur execution - everything from the songwriting to the (un)skillful guitars. OK, OK, so they're unsigned and maybe I shouldn't pick on them so much but every album should be judged equally and "Isolated Intelligence" just doesn't work for me. You can't fault them for their effort level, but if you don't have the tools, then there's really nowhere else you can go.

Pay what you want at Bandcamp.

(Online July 30, 2012)

Ryan Cariaso

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