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Acid Death - Eidolon (5/10) - Greece - 2012

Genre: Technical Death Metal / Groove Metal
Label: Black Lotus Records
Playing time: 49:23
Band homepage: Acid Death


  1. Blind Reflection
  2. Crossing the Line
  3. Towards Hate
  4. Convict 655321
  5. Inside My Walls
  6. No Sky Above
  7. Eidolon
  8. Odious Maggots
  9. Dying Alone
  10. Sole Truth
Acid Death - Eidolon

ACID DEATH are an interesting band, whose last release “Random’s Manifest” which came out twelve (!) years ago was quite well received amongst the Technical Death Metal circles. Here we are many years later and the band have finally unleashed a third full-length after a massive period of inactivity.


Now I can’t comment on the band’s style on their last release as I haven’t heard it. Here on “Eidolon” the band fuse a style of Technical Death Metal ala DEATH with a lot of nasty stuff. Groove Metal, almost Nu-Metal vocals, Melodic Death Metal, damn! I have no idea what ACID DEATH are trying to do.


I’d say “Eidolon” was equal parts quality, and a mess. Their death metal style riffs are top notch, and they have a certain degree of mastery of their instruments. The bass is heavy and interesting, the drums are cool. The vocals are what will most likely be the niggle for some listeners, I’m struggling to find a good reference point, and I hate to use one of my idols in this sense but there’s a certain Devin Townsend twang ala STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. Now most of this is fine enough, it’s just when the band jam on overtly groovy rhythms that gives “Eidolon” a decidedly 2001 trendy feel – which is exactly what I don’t want to hear.


The opening riff on “Towards Hate” absolutely reeks of PANTERA’s “Reinventing the Steel” which was probably their worst album to begin with. Then we have “Inside My Walls” boasting some later TESTAMENT elements, further still “Odious Maggots” is like STRAPPING YOUNG LAD light. If you can’t see already, this is an absolute clusterfuck of an album.


Whilst ACID DEATH have some good idea, there’s just too much going on for me to really enjoy it. The band lacks any sort of identity and I can’t really imagine many people enjoying “Eidolon” very much. It’s too trendy for straight up Death Metal fans, there isn’t enough masturbation for the Tech wankers, and it’s probably too nuts for the trendy Nu-Metal types. I’m placing this one on the middle of the fence.


(Online August 9, 2012)

Chris Foley

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