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Svyatogor - Doctor Veritas (4/10) - Ukraïne - 2012

Genre: Experimental / Black Metal
Label: Svarga Music
Playing time: 51:45
Band homepage: Svyatogor


  1. In Memory of Fallen Heroes
  2. Word Hard. Eat. Watch.
  3. The Manifesto
  4. Doctor Veritas
  5. Nor Fire, Nor Sword
  6. Awoke Incoming (Antarctic Solitude)
  7. Spit and Forget
  8. Inevitability
  9. La Concupiscence
  10. Reincarnation of Thoughts
Svyatogor - Doctor Veritas

SVYATOGOR are a bizarre Death/Black Metal hybrid, who also fuse in some almost Avant Garde influence with abstract melodies, Folk influence and some nutty Progressive Metal/Rock sensibility. This is the third full-length from the Ukraine based act, and I’d say a veritable mixed bag.


In saying a mixed bag, this isn’t exactly a mixed bag of fine delights. Imagine a bag filled with a mix of some of your very favourite snacks, SVYATOGOR being the all-encompassing bully that they are pry this bag from your hands, pouring out at least half of all your favourite stuff and defecating all over the rest.


“Doctor Veritas” is an annoying release, as there are truly some brilliant moments. They’re just surrounded by ridiculous, unrestrained extreme metal. For every excellent riff there’s two dull ones right around the corner. There’s way too much going on here, but it isn’t in a hyper charged technical way. No it’s more like the band decided to throw anything they could into a song, and as a result there isn’t one focused number on “Doctor Veritas”. There are good parts, and some as aforementioned brilliant, it just doesn’t work on the whole.


“Doctor Veritas” sails right over my head, and as such doesn’t leave me with a lot to say. I’ve given the album its due and had a good few spins of it, but it just annoys the hell out of me. If you like experimental Black Metal then this might be worth checking out, but for my money if you want to hear an eccentric, experiment style of the genre then SIGH are the premier example. Avoid.


(Online August 10, 2012)

Chris Foley

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