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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - HOLY MOSES - 30th Anniversary: In the Power of Now

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Holy Moses - 30th Anniversary: In the Power of Now (8/10) - Germany - 2012

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 82:22
Band homepage: Holy Moses


Disc 1

  1. Clash My Soul
  2. Jungle Of Lies
  3. Finished With The Dogs
  4. Symbol Of Spirit
  5. World Chaos
  6. SSP (Secret Special Project)
  7. Borderland
  8. Lost In The Maze
  9. Walpurgisnight
  10. Welcome To The Real World
  11. Near Dark


Disc 2

  1. Reborn Dogs
  2. Def Con II
  3. I Feel Sick
  4. Nothing For My Mum
  5. Disorder Of The Order
  6. Corroded Dreams
  7. Entering The Now
  8. Creation Of Violation
  9. Panic
  10. Decapitated Mind
  11. Master Of Disaster
Holy Moses - 30th Anniversary: In the Power of Now


In true German Thrash fashion, HOLY MOSES decided to take their 30th anniversary with some pride. The product of their long existence delivering extreme Teutonic Thrash comes in the form of a ‘greatest hits’ re-recorded in brutal new form in a wicked two-disc set called "30th Anniversary: In The Power Of Now." This is not a new concept as both DESTRUCTION and TANKARD re-recorded tracks for anniversary purposes, but to hear the massively underrated HOLY MOSES take on such an endeavor is something of a fan’s dream.


The release itself is pretty self-explanatory. Two discs packed with newly recorded versions of fan favorites and classics from the band’s discography (with the latest and perhaps one of the best rounded line ups that the band has known) with a couple of brand new songs thrown in to make it a ‘must have’ for die-hard fans. This in itself makes it a collector’s item must for any HOLY MOSES fan whether or not the quality of the album is good.


For those familiar with the band’s previous efforts, the new recordings are going to sound pretty damn heavy. HOLY MOSES’ most recent incarnation of sound is one of very heavy crunchy guitars, deep thundering bass and drums, and an increasingly vicious Sabina Classen throwing down some more guttural sounding vocals. Thusly, the band does lose some of the Punky influence of sound and 'classic' 80s/early 90s atmosphere in the new versions. Songs like “Disorder Of The Order” certainly pull a lot of from the catchy writing, but with her new heavier sound and the very aggressive production it would be easy to see fans writing off these new recordings as ‘too modern’ in style.


As for the music itself, it’s a strong representation of what makes HOLY MOSES one of the best Thrash bands you don’t listen to with its strong presence of structured riffing and vocal energy. Much of the music might sound similar, but that’s simply because the best material these Germans had to offer were always of their more aggressive variety. It would have been a pleasant surprise to see them throw a few more of their melodic or mid-tempo material to break it up, but as is… it works.


The two new tracks, “Borderland” and “Entering The Now” for those curious, fit right in with the new sound and aggressive classic tracks. While their last release had longer-winded material in writing with some Progressive tendencies, these two new tracks tend to be tighter and shorter with their focuses and really pummel out two ‘new’ classics of their own.


Honestly, this is a great way for new fans to discover the long buried underground act. The new production aptly brings the classics into a modern sound nicely and the two new tracks highlight the ideologies of what HOLY MOSES is now. Most of the material is better in its original form (perhaps that’s just the fan speaking through me), but for newcomers this will be a fantastic way to experience the band.


(Online July 26, 2012)

Matt Reifschneider

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