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Tsjuder - Legion Helvete (8/10) - Norway - 2011

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Season Of Mist
Playing time: 39:54
Band homepage: Tsjuder


  1. The Daemon Throne
  2. Fra en Råtten Kiste
  3. Dauðir
  4. Voldsherskeren
  5. Slakt
  6. Black Shadows of Hell
  7. Blod og Aske
  8. Vårt Helvete


Tsjuder - Legion Helvete

"Legion Helvete" is this Norwegian band's first release after getting back together, and from initial impressions, we could've gotten some pretty good Black Metal if they hadn't gone on hiatus.

Right from the beginning, "The Daemon Throne" blasts through your ears as if all the pent-up rage from the past seven years of dormancy was suddenly unleashed. The guitars are aggressive, the vocals are blasphemous, and the drums are relentless. There is undeniable energy emanating from the recording of this album and is effectuated into all the songs. The piercing guitars are matched only by the bombastic drums that want to beat you to a pulp. Most of the songs are fast-paced and unflinching but they manage to give you some rest in sections.  "Slakt" is one of the songs that come into mind as it contains some Thrash elements that sort of give you a little break from the assault. 

You can tell that this trio means business. All the songs are executed with skill and a high degree of musicianship. While I prefer the rawness of their demos (aren't all demos supposed to be raw?!), the refined sound/production from their full releases are still very much enjoyable. One can't help but bang their head or raise their goathorns while listening because of its sheer vigor.

Norwegian Black Metal lives strong in TSJUDER's veins and in "Legion Helvete."  Let's hope they don't disappear (again) anytime soon.

(Online August 13, 2012)

Ryan Cariaso

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