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Twelfth Gate - Summoning (8,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Crash Music Inc
Playing time: 60:00
Band homepage: Twelfth Gate


  1. Mortal Coil
  2. Destre Brings
  3. Orpheus
  4. Innocent
  5. Flames Of Anger
  6. Waiting In Shadows
  7. Sugarcoated
  8. Wheel Of Life
  9. Bridge Of Uncertainty
  10. Malevolent Sky
  11. Forgotten Names
Twelfth Gate - Summoning
How do you spell Power Metal? TWELFTH GATE! That's how! Once known as SYRIS, the band has regrouped themselves and are now even better than before. Now there is more to Chicago than SMASHING PUMPKINS and STYX to name a couple. Here is a band in the Power Metal genre that is original and stands head and shoulders above the rest.

What you will hear is a concoction of traditional 80's Metal with a modern sound, tight musicianship from all members and a nice production to boot. Scott Huffman's vocals are very vintage when you hear them. They come off a little like James Rivera during his HELSTAR days except with a deeper voice. Throughout the CD, Mike Nevaril's drumming is absolutely pummelling and tight as hell. The awesome rhythm section is slick and graceful provided by bassist Rob Such and guitarist Rich Knight. When you hear "Mortal Coil" and "Desire Brings", you will understand what I am talking about when you hear these tracks just rip it up.

"Orpheus" reminds me a little like an IRON MAIDEN tune in terms of sound and Mr. Huffman's voice. Each track just pounds away at your speakers and this band shows you that Metal is still alive and well.

If you are looking for an alternative to the HAMMERFALLs and the JUDAS PRIEST rip offs, then this CD should wet your appetite. (Online March 4, 2003)

Joe Florez

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