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Nunslaughter - Hell's Unholy Fire (3/10) - USA - 2000

Genre: Death Metal / Black Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Hell's Headbangers
Playing time: 30:01
Band homepage: Nunslaughter


  1. I Am Death
  2. Death by the Dead
  3. Cataclysm
  4. The Dead Plague
  5. Hells Unholy Fire
  6. Killed by the Cross
  7. Burning Away
  8. NunSlaughter
  9. Burn in Hell
  10. Blasphemy
  11. Seas of Blood
  12. Inverted Churches
  13. Blood for Blood
  14. Impale the Soul...
  15. Altar of the Dead
  16. Buried Alive
  17. Perversion of Gore
  18. Satanic
Nunslaughter - Hell's Unholy Fire


I've heard of these guys but never really got around to actually hearing them. Now that I've listened to them...blah. Their brand of US Black/Death/Thrash Metal just isn't interesting to me. Even with the average track time of 90 seconds, I still have trouble paying attention.

"Hell's Unholy Fire" is this band's debut album and it really should've stopped there, but no, they're still at it to this day. The only thing good about this album is the raw production. The guitars have some catchy moments - when they're not being drowned out by the lame vocals. Even lamer than the vocals are the lyrics. When an opening track starts with, "I am death, death is me, killing people and setting them free, " one cannot help but roll their eyes and prepare to lose minutes of their life that they'll never regain. How can that be taken seriously?! Or is it meant to be taken seriously?

First comparison I came up with is SEPULTURA's "Morbid Visions" album from a long, long time ago. Except SEPULTURA can actually play their instruments and Max Cavalera can actually provide vocals that belong to a Death Metal album and not some high school project.

"Hell's Unholy Fire" wouldn't be so bad if it was an instrumental album. I just can't get past the irritating vocals. It's really too bad that the music isn't as good as the band's moniker would suggest.


(Online August 31, 2012)

Ryan Cariaso

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