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Kemilon - Twisted Storm (8/10) - Canada - 2012

Genre: Power Metal / Progressive Metal
Label: Maple Metal Records
Playing time: 46:10
Band homepage: Kemilon


  1. Beyond Frontiers          
  2. Ocean Of Insanity         
  3. The Gates Of Heavy Metal         
  4. Night Shades   
  5. Wormhole        
  6. Sons Of Lies    
  7. The Glow         
  8. Warriors Of Space        
  9. The Revolution 
  10. Twisted Storm  
Kemilon - Twisted Storm

Montreal’s rich Metal scene had never really been known too much for its Power Metal for some reason. KEMILON have been around since 2008 and I honestly had never even seen the name anywhere, but now we have their debut album “Twisted Storm”, coming via Maple Metal Records.

And KEMILON take their Power Metal with a dose of Prog and some spacey keyboards (no wonder, since the lyrics to good parts deal with the stars and space), while the keyboard adds itself as solo instrument more than once. Together with the nicely deeper voice of Yvan Gagne, who lends the songs a certain warmth and at the same time also maturity, since he stays away from the standard melodies, this makes for an interesting listen. Musically KEMILON run a tight ship overall, with everything very compactly arranged, the rhythm section not leaving any holes and the guitars and keyboards working hand in hand. Sometimes I feel reminded a little of older LABYRINTH actually.

Many of the songs have a very warm sound courtesy of the vocals and the way the melodies are built, “Night Shades” is a great example for that, and the Quebecois also nicely vary the tempos and rhythms to keep things interesting throughout. Only sometimes things don’t work as great, as the growls and screams on “Sons Of Lies” that just don’t fit into the picture.

On the other side we have the beautiful ballad “The Glow” and following it blistering double-bass scorcher “The Revolution”, which once more incorporates spacey keyboards with the tight Power Metal body before the title track ends things on a very harmonic note.

“Twisted Storm” is a very good debut of a young band that is already bringing a lot to the plate they can use to forge their own niche and create an identity for themselves. KEMILON is definitely a name we should keep an eye on.

(Online August 4, 2012)

Alexander Melzer

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