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Doro - Under My Skin (A Fine Selection of Doro Classics) (-/10) - Germany - 2012

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 72:01/55:00
Band homepage: Doro


CD 1

1.     All We Are (Version 2007)

2.     You're My Family

3.     I Rule The Ruins

4.     Celebrate

5.     Strangers Yesterday

6.     Walking With The Angels

7.     Metal Tango

8.     Thunderspell

9.     Herzblut

10.  Warrior Soul

11.  My Majesty

12.  Für Immer

13.  Love Me In Black

14.  Always Live To Win

15.  Running From The Devil

16.  Above The Ashes

17.  Let Love Rain On Me


CD 2

1.     Celebrate (Full Metal Female Version)

2.     Rescue Me

3.     Rare Diamond (Acoustic Version)

4.     Angel In The Dark

5.     1999

6.     In Liebe Und Freundschaft

7.     I Lay My Head Upon My Sword

8.     Tausend Mal Gelebt

9.     Wildfire

10.  Breaking The Law

11.  She's Like Thunder (Version 2005)

12.  The Queen

13.  You Won My Love

14.  Lonely Wolf

Doro - Under My Skin (A Fine Selection of Doro Classics)

You know, best of compilations sometimes (often) leave a somewhat stale taste in my ears, since they are an easy way to release something without too much effort. Especially, if there had been a similar release (albeit live) not even two years before. Case under scrutiny: German Metal queen DORO and her “Under My Skin” double best of, coming off the heels of 2010’s “25 Years In Rock...And Still Going Strong” double-CD/DVD set, so while one could argue that there is a distinct difference between a live album and a best of, it essentially is still the same, just in a different setting.

That out of the way, we are treated with a whopping 32 songs spanning Doro’s 27 year career, covering pretty much everything from old WARLOCK up to new DORO, to good parts doubling up what her excellent live release already had featured, which makes this review all the harder to write, since I could almost just refer to said review and leave it at that, but it would not be fair to this particular release, now would it?

The quality of many of her songs are undisputed, if you have tracks such as “All We Are”, “I Rule The Ruins”, “Celebrate”, “Metal Tango”, “Fur Immer”, “Above The Ashes” or “The Night Of The Warlock”, you know that you have some classics under your belt that any self-righteous fan of traditional Metal will keep coming back for, no matter when. And if you have a career that has been going on for as long as Doro’s, then you have a wealth of songs to choose from, ensuring that we don’t get the usual filler material that plagues many a compilation of this ilk. So whoever was responsible for compiling “Under My Skin” surely did a good job in assembling almost all staples of a Doro diet.

If you are a newcomer to Doro, then “Under My Skin” is an excellent starting point to discover why she is considered a legend, I personally would rather go for “25 Years In Rock...And Still Going Strong”, though, since you also get the visual side and some special features there, but despite doubling up a good bit, this still is a worthy best of release paying homage to one of Metal’s greatest women!

(Online August 11, 2012)

Alexander Melzer

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