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Hades Almighty - Millenium Nocturne (8/10) - Norway - 1999

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 58:46
Band homepage: Hades Almighty


  1. Millenium Overture
  2. Dream Traveller
  3. Carnival Blaspheme
  4. Nemesis
  5. To Reach Divine Fulfillment
  6. Gardens Of Chaos
  7. A Ballad Of Death And Obsession
  8. Nighttime Endurance
  9. Warcry
Hades Almighty - Millenium Nocturne
After an atmospheric intro with keyboards, a female voice (no singing, though!) and soft guitars, "Dream Traveller" breaks through with the full impact of the Norwegian quartet, which had been around under the monicker HADES until short ago. Despite the very doomy pace, HADES ALMIGHTY manage to create a heaviness that most bands will never reach with speed. The guitars always lay the path with a melody, while Janto's voice destroys any seedling of romanticism almost immediately.

"To Reach Divine Fulfillment" then for the first time brings clean, if rather, hm, unusual vocals to surface, reminding a bit of a more pressed and more theatralic version of BORKNAGAR's Simen.

The following "Gardens Of Chaos" then starts almost lovely, for HADES ALMIGHTY, as a Folk-melody initiates the song, but soon the whole instrumentarium comes crashing in, but still it remains the most melodic one of this longplayer.

A split between BATHORY-like bombast and the lava-like Black Metal is executed on "A Ballad Of Death And Obsession", which again features the clean voice of drummer Remi, which takes over the complete vocals on "Nighttime Endurance".

The closing "Warcry" begins with one of those and could have come from an ancient Viking.

For sure HADES ALMIGHTY are not easily digestible, too harsh is the voice for some, for others they simply are too slow. All, who still have not stopped reading this review, I have the recommendation to listen to "Millenium Nocturne", because it is not Mainstream-Black Metal!

Alexander Melzer

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