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Kreator - Cause For Conflict (8,5/10) - Germany - 1995

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: G.U.N. Records
Playing time: 49:09
Band homepage: Kreator


  1. Prevail
  2. Catholics Despot
  3. Progressive Proletarians
  4. Crisis Of Disorder
  5. Hate Inside Your Head
  6. Bomb Threat
  7. Men Without God
  8. Lost
  9. Dogmatic
  10. Sculpture Of Regret
  11. Celestial Deliverance
  12. State Oppression (Bonustrack)
  13. Isolation
Kreator - Cause For Conflict
The 95 album of the Thrash legend from Essen is a return to their old heaviness. After the calmer predecessor "Renewal" "Cause For Conflict" brings us heavier, meaner and above all more modern thrash. Compared to their latest effort "Violent Revolution", though, "Cause For Conflict" cannot keep up with that one, so much right away.

What is very obvious is the modern sound of the record! Somehow KREATOR sound a lot like PANTERA or the newer SLAYER. Opener "Prevail" and the second song "Catholics Despot" bomb away relentlessly. They are not as old school as the ones off "Violent Revolution", but just as heavy. In "Progressive Proletarians" tha band varies the tempo a lot, here they put the pedal flat to the metal, there they are stomping along. Same applies to "Crisis Of Disorder". Maybe one of the best songs on "Cause For Conflict". Here also fans of guitar solos of the Hannemann/King school will find their delight.

Following the rather mediocre "Hate Inside Your Head" we get the anger explosion "Bomb Threat". During these not even two minute Mille roars that your ears could fall off. The song is not fast all the way through, but it drones a lot. Despite the modern sound-elements a furious thrasher. "Men Without God" and "Lost" with its brilliant riff saw along your neck vertebrae a bit more intricate, but just as merciless. KREATOR fire on all cylinders here. "Dogmatic" is yet another rapid fire attack like "Bomb Threat".

When I listen to the album today, "Sculture Of Regret" stands out as a first indication of the following album "Outcast". Here KREATOR again are more on the "calmer" and more intricate path. A little indicator, which is blown away by the last two tracks "Celestial Deliverance", which sounds like "Renewal", the experimental "Isolation" and the brutally thrashing bonus track "State Oppression" (on the DigiPak-version) Violent!

"Cause For Conflict", as mentioned before, is both hefty and modern. At this time of the band history a logical evolution. The songs all are a bit more complex and not as accessible as those of "Violent Revolution", but not less good. Mille's vocals also have to be mentioned. Somehow the guy sounds darker and more distorted than before and after. Soundwise KREATOR most probably have delivered their best album until that point of their history altogether. You definitely cannot complain about that, this album would deserve more attention in the live setlist, especially as the band now is continuing their old Thrash masterpieces.

Check out tips: "Crisis Of Disorder", "Bomb Threat" and "Lost"... (Online March 7, 2003)

Patrick Weiler

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