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Kreator - Endorama (8,5/10) - Germany - 1999

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Drakkar
Playing time: 49:59
Band homepage: Kreator


  1. Golden Age
  2. Endorama
  3. Shadowland
  4. Chosen few
  5. Everlasting Flame
  6. Passage to Babylon
  7. Future Ring
  8. Empty
  9. Soul Eraser
  10. Willing Spirit
  11. Pandemonium
  12. Tyranny
Kreator - Endorama
What already had been on the horizon with the albums "Renewal" and the last very good output "Outcast" has been confirmed by 1999's "Endorama". KREATOR have completely thrown the big Thrash Metal part in their sound overboard (if not for very long, as we all know).

The opening trio "Golden Age", "Endorama" and "Shadowland" immediately make clear what defined the sound shortly before the new millennium. Where before raw force and Mille's shout vocals devastated everything, we now could find catchy melodies and an almost clean voice. Not that the songs are bad, quite the contrary, but in the first moment you ask yourself: Is this still KREATOR?

Who thinks that this is too negative, rest assured that the first three songs all are great songs, just not typically KREATOR. The song "Shadowland" is, btw, the first faster track and could still stem from the "Outcast" times. A good song that I personally like best. With "Chosen Few" and "Everlasting Flame" we enter almost Gothic Metal-like regions, fans of the early days will most probably throw up while hearing this. Objectively these songs are good, too, most Gothic bands could take this as example. From now on we only get songs that go into the same direction, except for the instrumental "Empty" and the heavier, yet not really outstanding "Soul Eraser". The closing track "Tyranny" for me is a really good ending to an album that KREATOR fans really have to get used to.

On "Endorama" the band experimented and took a completely new direction. Instead of furious Thrash we get catchy melodies and good song structures. Nothing that an old KREATOR fan would be enthused about. But let's state the facts. Without looking at the history of the band, KREATOR have delivered a good album in "Endorama" that definitely appeals to a wider audience than anything before. It is not the try to get into the mainstream, but something quite original that makes it hard for me to compare it. Even though some have a really hard time and hate this album, it still is a logical step in the history of KREATOR, without which a brilliant album like "Violent Revolution" might not have been possible. To cut a long story short, listen to this album closely and you will like it. Or put in "Violent Revolution".

Check out tips: "Shadowland", "Chosen Few", "Tyranny"... (Online March 8, 2003)

Patrick Weiler

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