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Besatt - Tempus Apocalypsis (8/10) - Poland - 2012

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Witching Hour
Playing time: 37:47
Band homepage: Besatt


  1. Seals Of Hate
  2. Trumpets Of Desecration
  3. Fallen
  4. There...
  5. War Gathering
  6. Seven Great Plagues
  7. Queen Babylon
  8. The Prophecy
  9. The Final Battle
Besatt - Tempus Apocalypsis

It’s not even 4 o’clock in the afternoon and some particularly threatening clouds are casting a ghastly, dark pal over my place. The news channel warns of potential flash flooding and road closures in and around the area, while also transmitting images of quakes over in China and possible tsunamis in the Pacific. Somehow it makes perfect sense to listen to a band like BESATT in a time like this, seeing as how they’ve taken it upon themselves to regale us with tales of apocalyptic upheaval and the end times on their latest effort “Tempus Apocalypsis”. What a beast of an album this is!


Picking up the gauntlet thrown down some time ago by fellow Poles THUNDERBOLT, BESATT have taken said band’s already stunning synthesis of Thrash and Death-laced Black Metal and kicked it into a whole new level on this album. Utterly belligerent and brutal to a fault, “Tempus Apocalypsis” is a sonic manifesto of pure devastation. It’s not the most original music around but few bands currently out there are pulling this type of blasting Black Metal off as convincingly as BESATT. American act PTAHIL comes close, but that’s about it...


They hit the ground running with the opening combo of “Seals Of Hate” and “Trumpets Of Desecration”, two glorious monuments to sonic mayhem that should appeal equally to Black, Death, or Thrash Metal fans. BESATT hit fast, and hit hard! Fortunately these guys had the presence of mind to not simply blast relentlessly through each and every song. That would surely have robbed the album of some atmosphere, and so one also gets the mid-paced malevolence of “Fallen”, the weird clean vocal infections of “Queen Babylon” (are they male or female?), and of the downright amazing “War Gathering”. The latter track sees the band pulling out all the stops, as a wicked grooving main riff gives way to a trumpet and battle-sound section, before everything segues smoothly into a decidedly morose LIFELOVER-ish melody towards the end.


Despite their obvious mastery of the style, and with a career that stretches all the way back to 1991, not many people know of this band. It’s a crying shame, and hopefully this album will see them breaking through to a larger consciousness. They certainly deserve it!      


(Online October 5, 2012)

Neil Pretorius

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