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Municipal Waste/Toxic Holocaust - Toxic Waste (9/10) - USA - 2012

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Tankcrimes Records
Playing time: 8:16
Band homepage: Municipal Waste
Band homepage: Toxic Holocaust


Municipal Waste

01. Trapped In The Sites

02. Mourning Sex


Toxic Holocaust

03. We Bring Em Hell

04. Altar-ed States

Municipal Waste - Toxic Waste


Both MUNCIPAL WASTE and TOXIC HOLOCAUST have released pretty strong albums in the last couple of years (with my preference lying in the latter overall), so it would only make sense for the two Thrash bands to throw together a little release that features two new songs from both camps under the goofy but entirely fitting title “Toxic Waste.”


What makes this release rather unique is that despite both bands flourishing under the moniker of Thrash Metal, their styles are quite different when they go about it. For those unfamiliar with either band, MUNICIPAL WASTE are perhaps the most prolific band at performing Crossover Thrash right now with its very fast and Punky style while TOXIC HOLOCAUST gun out an early and crusty form of Blackened Thrash. Both certainly have a Punk style they wear on their sleeves, but the sound is definitely different.


As a fan of both, these four songs come out as quite impressive. Neither band held back on their portions and it creates for a stellar collector’s item. It’s certainly a very short release (clocking in at barely over 8 minutes with four tracks), but it’s a very sweet one. MUNICIPAL WASTE waste no time at cranking it to full speed for the listener throwing down two classic tracks of tongue in cheek Punk speeds and flurried riffing with those shouted Crossover vocals talking about quarantines and necrophilia in the morning. This leads into the harsher and just as aggressive tracks from TOXIC HOLOCAUST without missing a beat, where the tone changes to a bit darker but just as frantic time with Mr. Joel Grind (snarlier with his vocals and more ferocious with his guitar work) who delivers two tracks that could have easily been highlights on their last record.


Both portions are frantic in speed and aggressive in their writing. This leads to both portions having songs that highlight the best elements from both bands. It’s crazy, Thrashy, and ultimately a blast to listen to despite its short play time. That’s okay though considering there is always the repeat button.


Songs to check out: “Mourning Sex” and “We Bring Em Hell.”

(Online September 12, 2012)

Matt Reifschneider

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