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Lizzy Borden - Deal With The Devil (7,5/10) - USA - 2000

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 49:15
Band homepage: Lizzy Borden


  1. There Will Be Blood Tonight
  2. Hell Is For Heroes
  3. Deal With The Devil
  4. Zanzibar
  5. Lovin' You Is Murder
  6. We Only Come Out At Night
  7. Generation Landslide
  8. The World Is Mine
  9. State Of Pain
  10. (This Ain't) The Summer Of Love
  11. Believe
Lizzy Borden - Deal With The Devil
I wouldn't have thought that, as most reunions more or less fail miserably. Good ole Lizzy has managed to take up with "Deal With The Devil", where he had left off with his old classics, sounding neither old-fashioned nor too modern.

Already the opening "There Will Be Blood Tonight" showcases swift US-Melodic Metal, with the suiting lyrics, hehe. "Zanzibar" starts out with oriental/Indian melody and keeps that touch, giving the song a very interesting atmosphere. Contrary to that one, a track like "We Only Come Out At Night" features a far more modern guitar, but without sounding trendy or in any other way negative.

Sure, not all that glitters is gold, but the mentioned songs plus the up-tempo-Metalian "The World Is Mine" clearly show that LIZZY BORDEN is back - in style!

Alexander Melzer

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