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Poisonblack - Escapexstacy (7/10) - Finland - 2003

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 44:27
Band homepage: Poisonblack


  1. The Glow Of The Flames
  2. Love Infernal >mp3
  3. The State
  4. All Else Is Hollow
  5. In Lust
  6. The Exciter
  7. Lay Your Heart To Rest
  8. With Her I Die
  9. Illusion/Delusion
  10. The Kiss Of Death
Poisonblack - Escapexstacy

SENTENCED's lead vocalist Ville has played guitar for 17 years which I had no idea about and he wanted to finally put it to use therefore POISONBLACK. Here is another Finnish band with underground superstars which has J.P. handling vocal duties from CHARON.

The music is enticing and entertaining with a drab atmosphere that only Finland can possess. This is not a project, but a band that will continue to forge on with many more records to come. Think of this as Goth Rock. One genre doesn't outshine the other. It's woven together nicely here. "Love Infernal" is romantic and dark just like all of their songs which deal with love, death, lust and everything in between.

POISONBLACK could possibly be a mixture of THE 69 EYES with it's sense of pop and SENTENCED with the vocals. In the end, this is very moody and dark unlike the previously mentioned bands. You really feel the lyrics taking over your soul when you hear "The State" which has everything from pop elements to driving and melodic guitar riffs which suck you in.

This offering is not bad. I am very curious to see where they go from here. (Online April 4, 2003)

Joe Florez

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