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Gathering, The - Nighttime Birds (10/10) - Netherlands - 1997

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 48:40
Band homepage: Gathering, The


  1. On Most Surfaces (Inuit)
  2. Confusion
  3. The May Song
  4. The Earth Is My Witness
  5. New Moon, Different Day
  6. Third Chance
  7. Kevin's Telescope
  8. Nighttime Birds
  9. Shrink
Gathering, The - Nighttime Birds
You always remember your firsts…first concert, first beer, first genital herpes, etc. The first time I heard this album, the beautiful voice enchanted my ears to euphoria. I was in total awe of how I've never heard such a beautiful sound in my entire life. (I bought this album before I bought their previous, "Mandylion," therefore I hadn't heard Anneke's voice before.) This album isn't all about the vocals - although it's about 99% of it - it also contains some amazing music, full of emotion and atmosphere, pretty heavy guitars, and bombastic drums. It's definitely not Gothic, and it's not quite Metal…it's just heavy melodic music. The songs are mostly mid-paced or a bit slower, and are all picturesque pieces of music. The production is really well-done as you can hear perfectly each instrument as they emanate harmonious sounds.

The more you like something, the more critical or precise you are about it. And in this case, I can go as precise as saying I just love how Anneke sings the words "break" and "storm" in the fifth song. Hehe. There really is nothing negative to say about this album. It's perfect. I know most people prefer "Mandylion" to "Nighttime Birds," but like I said earlier, your firsts are usually the special ones. I still remember how I felt my first time listening to this and all the emotion that came from songs and all the amazement…I still feel them whenever I listen to this album - as fresh as if I was hearing it for the first time. Beautiful.

Yes, I bleed Black Metal, but you must have some variety…and variety comes in the form of my all-time favourite album, "Nighttime Birds." (Online March 12, 2003)

Ryan Cariaso

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