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Tourniquet - Where Moth And Rust Destroy (9,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Progressive Thrash Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 59:19
Band homepage: Tourniquet


  1. Where Moth And Rust Destroy
  2. Restoring The Locust Years
  3. Drawn And Quartered
  4. A Ghost At The Wheel
  5. Architheuthis
  6. Melting The Golden Calf
  7. Convoluted Absolutes
  8. Healing Waters Of The Tigris
  9. In Death We Rise
Tourniquet - Where Moth And Rust Destroy
TOURNIQUET were founded as Christian influenced Power Metal band in L.A. in 1990. Their debut "Stop The Bleeding" was pure Power Metal with strange vocals. But already the second album "Psycho Surgery" was pretty harder, crazier and more complex. The following "Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance" album was still more harder and for many not easy to digest. After that I lost my attention concerning the band.

Blameable was the fact, that there were no TOURNIQUET albums available in Germany, because "Pathogenic..." was even released at Metal Blade. Furthermore, TOURNIQUET changed their style very much. Out of the blue, Metal Blade released a CD called "Microscopic View Of A Telescopic Realm" in 2000 with the old style. It was a totally great album with the probably most diversified Thrash songs ever. TOURNIQUET were back. And they managed it to create their songs flowing and dithyrambic, although using madly technics. The reviewers had at least all the same opinion and praised the Californian band. I don't know how much copies they sold and if the guys are rich and famous today...

It took nearly three years until I got a worthy follower. And "Where Moth And Rust Destroy" is worthy, indeed. TOURNIQUET are still the craziest Thrash band ever. All songs are full of ideas, divine riffs, unexpected breaks. There are also to find some influences of the 70s - just listen to the emotional guitar solos. On "In Death We Rise", Thrash fans are taken in the wrong spirit, because it is a pretty sipping Slow-Motion crusher, where bands like old SAINT VITUS or TROUBLE are asked for. But the unbelievable thing is, that the chorus of the title song haunts me for two weeks now... so nobody can say, that TOURNIQUET aren't able to write memorable songs.

An album, which is likely confusing for fans of modern SLAYER/THE HAUNTED, but it's a milestone for people, who appreciate original songs!!! (Online March 13, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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