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Merauder - Bluetality (8/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Hardcore Metal
Label: Century Media (USA)
Playing time: 31:45
Band homepage: -


  1. No Warning
  2. Bluetality
  3. Believe
  4. Bleeding Wounds
  5. Again
  6. 41 Shots
  7. Messiah Or The Great White Pope
  8. Payback
  9. Mr. Righteous
  10. Underground Girl
Merauder - Bluetality
With their first album "Master Killer" (1995), MERAUDER gained a lot of attention. Extented tours brought them even more limelight and the successor "Five Deadly Venoms" in 1999 was also remarkable. After that it was very silent around them and MERAUDER dropped into oblivion. But the time of silence seems now over and with "Bluetality", the nearly forgotten heroes from New York are back again.

The musical direction hasn't changed a little as this would have nobody expected. Still it rules pretty brutal Metalcore, which isn't innovating at all but indeed authentical and with much punch. MERAUDER feel good somewhere between PRO PAIN, BIOHAZARD, PANTERA and the culty ingenious EXHORDER in their "The Law"-era and each song crushes the anyhow overawed listener. It's pretty remarkable how the Americans manage it to create such an inspiring and by no means one-dimensional album out of the existing structures.

Solid handwork without much flourish, neither too modern, nor frumpy but always hitting the bull's eye and brutal as brutal can. To add is, that it is much courage needed to put the musical development into the background, so on the one hand you feel yourself some years relegated and on the other hand, you feel yourself never bored. For my sake, call it stagnation, but as result you absolutely get an album, which entertains you excellently with its ten songs.

"Bluetality" grooves, it's much dry and dithyrambical. MERAUDER don't care about trends but show their strenght for the third time, they show us what they can best and where they have the most knowledge. And that's wonderful, isn't it? (Online June 11, 2003)

Alexander Ehringer

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