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Gurd - Encounter (8/10) - Switzerland - 2003

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Diehard Music
Playing time: 50:53
Band homepage: Gurd


  1. Razorblade
  2. Can't Take Back
  3. Mayday
  4. A New War
  5. Older But Wiser
  6. Control
  7. Decision
  8. Strive
  9. Fangs
  10. Club Of Lies
  11. Obey
  12. Believe In Nothing
  13. My Demons
Gurd - Encounter
GURD are German (Objection, your Honour, they're Swiss! - Alex) and play straight down the middle Heavy-fuckin'-Metal! Their promotional people will tell you that this Thrash Groove Metal but just what that is I don't know. What I do know however is if you mix the likes of PANTERA, METALLICA, MACHINE HEAD add a little post Grunge and Industrial, like RAMMSTEIN, ingredients to the mix then you get a pummelling, battering aural ear bashing assault that will leave the brain in your head somewhat bruised.

GRUD have one foot firmly in old school Metal and the other planted in the here and now. What you won't hear is Power Metal soaring guitar runs and melodic interchanges. What you will get is some great bare knuckle to the bone Heavy Metal.

Take opener "Razorblade" which catapults a monster riff right into the heat of battle and sums up the rest of the album: pile after pile of bludgeoning de-tuned Metal riffing. The vocals are little hoarse but suit the musical style perfectly. Just what the Germans (Swiss… - Alex) excel at. "Can't Take Back" is really something that METALLICA should have recorded on those bloody awful Load albums. Once again a beefed up riff that just gets the head nodding. By "May Day" GRUD are firmly in a Metal mood and " A New Year", "Older But Wiser" where the band stretch into a CORROSION OF CONFORMITY type vibe, executed German (Swiss… - Alex) style of course! "Decision" is brutal Thrash 1980's period with a tight attacking riff most probably picked up from Jon Schaffer of ICED EARTH fame. And take "Fangs" fuckin awesome. SLAYER should be taking note here.

So you are looking for down to earth Heavy Metal? Need a change from the Euro Power Metal invasion? Let yourself encounter GURD. The results will leave you with a sore head for days. (Online March 19, 2003)

Chris Doran

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