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Gurd - Encounter (8,5/10) - Switzerland - 2003

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Diehard Music
Playing time: 50:53
Band homepage: Gurd


  1. Razorblade
  2. Can't Take Back
  3. Mayday
  4. A New War
  5. Older But Wiser
  6. Control
  7. Decision
  8. Strive
  9. Fangs
  10. Club Of Lies
  11. Obey
  12. Believe In Nothing
  13. My Demons
Gurd - Encounter
3 years after the last album "Bedlam" Swiss GURD are back on the scene with a new longplayer. And "Encounter", so the title of the CD, has turned out to be more than ok. The combo around ex POLTERGEIST/CARRION guitarist V.O.Pulver (while we're at it, when will CARRION's "Evil Is There!"-LP be finally released on CD?) really lets the pig fly on this one.

Wild, but still controlled the band goes off like a red rocket. The big role model of GURD surely are PRONG, because just like the New Yorkers the Swiss manage to find the perfect mix from gripping riffs, great melodylines and a good portion of heaviness to speak for themselves. Especially with "Control" and "Decision" this comes through. But not only PRONG quotes are shining through, the riffs of "Can't Take Back" could also stand on an old ANNIHILATOR album, while in "A New War" we can find a few light METALLICA nuances.

Maybe with the new label DieHard Music in the back they manage to get a bit further than under the reign of Century Media, the songs definitely would deserve more. (Online June 22, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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