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Bewitched - Dragonflight (8,5/10) - Chile - 1999

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Conquistador
Playing time: 71:03
Band homepage: Bewitched


  1. Intro
  2. Poetry Of My Forest
  3. Funeral
  4. Dragonflight
  5. Wotan's Curse
  6. Candles Of Doom
  7. The Prophecy/Aqüarian Revelation
  8. The Threat Of Winter Community
  9. Warfare
  10. Snowfall
  11. ???
  12. Black Funeral (MERCYFUL FATE cover) (Bonus track)
  13. Souls Tears (Remix 666) (Bonus track)
  14. Serene Sorrow (Bonus track)
Bewitched - Dragonflight
An album, which is not easy to get, is this second long player of the band BEWITCHED from Chile, who gained attention with their Split-Maxi in 1993. "Dragonflight" is the name of the CD and offers good, strange Power Metal. Their music is between THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FED without Folk parts and the Belgian WITCHSMELLER PURSUIVANT.

The songs are slightly complex and very diversified. Even if some parts might be a little bit bumpy, for example the vocals, the end result is great. Songs like the epic, CANDLEMASS reminding "Funeral" or "Dragonflight", which starts off with spinet sounds and then it weaves between jaunty and tracing parts, or take the gloomy, indicting "Wotan's Course", which is probably the remake of "Candles Of Doom", which was already on their first album and sounds like Epic Doom Metal with jangling vocals, all belong to every serious Obscure Metal collection.

I want to highlight especially the MERCYFUL FATE cover version of "Black Funeral", the band manages it, despite holding up strongly to the original, to stand out with their polyphonic, high pitched vocals, alike the nearly KING DIAMOND hearalike "The Prophecy/Aqüarian Revelation".

Note: If you are interested, check out for (Online March 18, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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