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Flames - Summon The Dead/Last Prophecy (7/10) - Greece - 1999

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Unisound
Playing time: 66:39
Band homepage: -


Summon The Dead:
  1. Eastern Front
  2. Summon The Dead
  3. Kill For Mummy
  4. Alcoholic And Beer
  5. Legend II (The Demon's Mind)
  6. Legions Of Death
  7. Avenger
  8. Slaughterhouse
  9. Ballad Of A Skinbeating Maniac
Last Prophecy:
  1. Revenge
  2. Deathra
  3. Agnostic Front
  4. Destiny Of Fate
  5. Red Terror
  6. Silo
  7. Acid Rain
  8. Drinking All Night
Flames - Summon The Dead/Last Prophecy
One of my favourite records comes from Unisound Records and it's the debut "Summon The Dead" of 1988 and the follower "Last Prophecy" of 1989 of the Greek Thrash band FLAMES. Nothing remains from the TANK-like material of the first album "Made In Hell" on these two records, instead rules pure thrashing.

If I recall correctly, one guitar player comes from the Northern German area and this explains the "Hänschen Klein" intro of the song "Eastern Front" alike the booze hymn "Bier her, oder ich fall um" at the beginning of "Alcoholic And Beer". Otherwise the guys thrash (musically) everything.

It's executed totally primitive, badly produced, but the songs convince (at least me) with heart and soul. One recognizes the enthusiasm for extreme stuff, despite the missing musical skills.

While "Summon The Dead" is interesting for the not just small fan community of the KREATOR demos or the first SODOM outputs, "Last Prophecy" inspires the maniacs, who love simple SLAYER, KREATOR in their "Endless Pain" period alike old PROTECTOR or SARCOFAGO. (Online March 18, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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