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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - QUO VADIS - Day Into Night

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Quo Vadis - Day Into Night (9/10) - Canada - 2001

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Hypnotic Records
Playing time: 52:21
Band homepage: Quo Vadis


  1. Absolution (Element Of The Ensemble III)
  2. Dysgenics
  3. Hunter/Killer
  4. Hunter/Killer: Endgame
  5. Let It Burn
  6. Dream
  7. On The Shores Of Ithaka
  8. Night Of The Roses
  9. I Believe
  10. Point Of No Return:
  11. Mute Requiem
  12. Cadences Of Absonance
Quo Vadis - Day Into Night
Imagine. Imagine a simple room of perfect white where you can hear nothing from the outside world, see nothing other than the angel-white walls, ceiling and floor, where you feel nothing but calm and peace. This room is the centre of all imagination, the key to unlock every single door in your mind, the passage between planes of reality you've never even dreamed of. Here, even the presence of a single worm crawling on the spotless floor will trigger thousands of vivid images, of unruly thoughts, of wretched feelings. But there is nothing. You feel at ease and you cannot be disturbed.

Let us try an experiment now. You bring only two objects in this outwardly place: a portable CD-player and a compact disk. You put on your headphones and let yourself drown in the music. You get transported away to regions of the Earth you never explored, you visit the wildest and most remote areas of the globe, you travel to desolate yet beautiful places. Just give in to the sensation!

The CD is "Day Into Night" from QUO VADIS and the destination is yet to be discovered.

To tell you the truth, I hated the CD the first time I gave it a try. I thought: "Hey, I'll get this CD, it's a Canadian band and I've heard good things about it!". I wasn't all that impressed by it and threw it on a shelf where it collected some dust for a couple of months. I came back and decided to give it one more chance and I was shocked!

I can't help but compare the drumming to a machine-gun hitting your ears relentlessly with sonic pellets. This is incredible diversity and complexity we're talking about here. Yanic Bercier's drumming is simply unbelievable and so intense! Intense, but never cacophonous. My favourite track for the drums: "I Believe". Wait, it gets better than this. If you're looking for guitar melodies and solos that are as creative as can be, you can't go wrong with "Day Into Night" either. Whether you listen to "Dream" where the guitars adopt swan-like qualities or if your speakers blast the brutal string-attacks of "Absolution", you will see these guys aren't kidding around and they truly know their instruments.

The production is excellent and much better than their first full-length "Forever" and the overall sound and music-writing is a whole lot more mature as well. The CD is also very enjoyable and fans of any Metal-sub-genres will find something appealing about this album. Another interesting aspect is the use of more than one vocalist. Actually, in "Absolution", it's as though the singers are fighting for the microphone so they can scream a few lines in it. I think it adds a very rich element to the record and each song gets a certain personality with the change of singers.

My favourite songs: "Absolution" and "Let It Burn".

Mathieu Bibeau

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