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Saurom Lamderth - Sombras Del Este (9/10) - Spain - 2002

Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Red Dragon
Playing time: 42:41/49:07
Band homepage: Saurom Lamderth


    Disc One:
    1. I Cormalaire (El Poeme Del Anillo)
    2. Acertios En Las Tinieblas (Gollum)
    3. La Comarea
    4. El Cumpleanos De Bilbo
    5. De Holbicon A Los Gamos
    6. Bajando Por El Tornasauce
    7. Tom Bombadil
    8. La Bienvenida Del Senor Montecona
    9. La Posada Del Poney Risador
    10. Trancos/Aragorn
    11. Los Jinetes Negros (Nazgul)
    Disc Two:
    1. El Concilio De Elrond
    2. El Paso Del Caradhras
    3. Las Minas De Moria
    4. La Dama De Lorien
    5. Los Pilares De Los Reyes
    6. La Disolucion De La Comunidad (Gary Moore-Cover)
    7. Mordonorienna (Hacia El Pais De Las Sombras)
Saurom Lamderth - Sombras Del Este
At the end of 2002, the Spanish SAUROM LAMDERTH honour us with their second album "Sombras Del Este". Due to the great coverartwork as well as some songtitles, I think that the lyrics are about the story "Lord Of The Rings". The fact, that the combo always writes lyrics in their mother tongue, it's impossible for me to explain the content.

Anyway, finally the music is important. And the band has musically improved very much, compared with their debut. The songs are pretty more matured and varied. Maybe Progressive is the right word for that. No fear, there's no pointless fuddling on this record, no, the Spanish present us true songs and no selfishness.

But the fan has to spend some time with this double-CD (!!!) to understand all the glory and wonderfulness. The band uses again many folk elements, executed by violins and flutes. Between MÄGO DE OZ and newer BLIND GUARDIAN, SAUROM LAMDERTH creates slowly their own niche.

The fact, that the CD is likely not available in the stores, you have to order it at the well-known mailorders, e.g. at Hellion records, which sell it for friendly 15,50 Euros (no, 15,50 for the first album, this one costs 18! - Alex), it's absolutely worth the buy. (Online March 23, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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